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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    It looks like even the kind people who provided the challenge guides have got cheesed off because the format changed dramatically from detailed recipe stages and appliances, tables, counters, prizes etc to best guess recipes and items. There was nothing for the avocado challenge so I didn't bother doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vvetra View Post
    The game is getting completely destroyed by these new goals unless you can go without sleep or want to spend RIDICULOUS amount of gems. Seems some people (myself included) are still hoping company will come to their senses - naive, I know, guess it's partly driven by the time and money invested into this game over the years - but with every cycle that hope grows smaller and smaller. I picked this game specifically because it was low-stress, no need to constantly babysit, with cute decor in the mix. If the goals back then were like they are now, I would have quit in two weeks tops (and yes, I have deleted every other phone game which demanded too much of my time). I don't think they understand their customers at all, and they are definitely not listening (as proven by the poll above).
    On the contrary. I think they're gearing the game toward the money spenders.

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    I've been playing off & on since 2010, and enjoyed the old days of more zen play, but am tired of the goal chasing in the last few years.

    I'll check back from time to time but have fun everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ree2 View Post
    On the contrary. I think they're gearing the game toward the money spenders.
    I used to spend money on this game. I used to re-decorate my shop every time the new goal came around (not completely, but at least 50%) and buy new decorations. I have no interest in re-decorating anymore - the game became too stressful as is. I also will not spend another penny on gems until this madness ends and goals go back to normal - and if it never ends, then so be it - because a company that doesn't listen to its user base and literally does the opposite of what users ask for doesn't deserve my money or support.

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    I wish someone would explain why the recipes are getting more and more expensive to cook. This game is getting way too expensive. The decor, EVERYTHING...

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    Is this poll real or just a joke. When it was 15 days I could finish the goal but now that it's 14 days I can't finish the goals unless I use gems which I can't afford living on a fixed income, I and a lot of other players really want the goals changed back to 15 maybe even 16 days. I see players are saying that they finish the goals in 9-10 days I don't see how they're doing that without spending gems, since you need over 40 parts to build a appliance and it it takes 2 days to build an appliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herba6955 View Post
    ...since you need over 40 parts to build a appliance and it it takes 2 days to build an appliance.
    (snipped quote)
    This and the fact that you need 40 10-hour cooks for the last goal part. You would have to have 5 or 6 of the last oven to even think about getting that done within the 2-3 days you have left by the time you get to this part of the goal.

    I've been playing off/on since 2012 and the old way of goals/events were so much more fun AND you had a week or so of breathing room before being introduced to a new goal/event. This would allow players to keep using those event/goal appliances and get some gems for mastering recipes before having to switch everything out for the next round. This back-to-back goal madness is absurd and incredibly stressful.

    This game (and bakery story) have been my favorite things to play on mobile for many years, but coming back in recently to this version of the game... I may not pick it back up again until things change.

    Currently, I'm trying to do this 2nd Halloween goal in my restaurant, but I don't think I'm going to make it this time around. Feels bad.
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    I agree that there must be some changes and stay with the 15 days, they are too many dishes to cook, there are many parts needed for the stoves, especially the second goal, it takes a long time to finish and if we don't have many neighbors that help, it doesn't build in time, I' ve stopped playing there's two years ago, and I'm coming back definitely now, I'd forgotten why I stopped playing, it's extremely stressful. In short, there are a lot of foods to cook in a short time, too many pieces to build the stoves/ovens, and having two types of goals at the same time only gets in the way, one of 15 days and the other of 5, at least wait for the first goal finish to launch another. And just another request aside, put a way to search the name of the gifts that we are going to send and those that are in the inventory, so it makes it easier and faster. Also a ranking in the friends list where the most active appear first and the date of the last login, it's absurd that it still doesn't have any of that, they only put goals and objects in the game to spend money buying gems, but updates that would improve a lot don't it happens. Sorry if I said too much in this thread.

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    If the main and side goals start the same day of the week (every 2 weeks) and we have roughly 1 day off, then we really only have @ 13 days to complete the goals.

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    I absolutely feel bad for anyone that really wants to compete all goals. I realize some people have a ton of ovens but if you don?t then you have to be very dedicated to get parts and cooking all the time. I had to add a lot of players to help with completing goals. My main complaint is mine always rolls out with 14 days but 2-3 hours later says 13 days so I feel *****ed on the 15 days you speak about. I don?t want longer than 15 days but you could cut back on how many parts you need and reuse all the parts we all ready have. Plus give the full 14-15 days.

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    I agree.

    The extra goals that have been added are too much.
    Quote Originally Posted by LIDA3209 View Post
    I think we should keep th goals at 14-15 days BUT the side goals take much to much time. We should be given an additional 14 days to complete them. That makes 14 days for the new goal and 28 for the side goals. Some of us start them sooner then others they still take alot of time for all of us,

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