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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    I think the time limit for challenges is right on track. I do miss when challenges used to be spread further apart, I feel like I am ALWAYS working in a challenge... I was once a new player, gotta work at it to get has far as I have. I never gave up and neither should new players.
    5 day challenges are the best, I prefer not to work on them for weeks, and 5 days IS a challenge! Great game but it is time for an update, we all have bigger phones now, get with it Restaurant Story!!!

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    I'm fine with the 15 day goal but the 5 day ones need to be longer.

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    I've been playing for 8+ yrs now..
    I think the goal time is ok but the goals are excessive now..I seem to be playing fr one t ji ing or the other b2b now.
    I've been on level 99 fr 7yrs now
    If I'm going to stay on this level forever what's the point of playing.
    So disheartening��

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    Agreed. These goals are hard. I'm a single mom, I work. I'm not home all day doing nothing but trying to get all the parts needed to build those stoves then crank out all these recipes. I have to cook around my work schedule and my kids school and stuff. And I know that I'm not alone. Most people on these games don't just live on the games either.

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    Should be longer....I never had this much trouble finishing up a goal when I played years ago. I started a new restaurant a few months ago and am in the mid 40's level wise....last goal (penguin) I had to give up on in the last few days because I know no possibility of finishing up. I am only allowed 11 with the other cooking goal going on can't finish both : (

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    I vote for longer period of the goals.We should be given much more time to finish the goals otherwise it becomes stress rather than enjoyment.

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    Longer or easier.

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    Longer for sure, i mean I remember back in 2009 goals were 29 days long and was perfect because it allowed us to enjoyed the game and actually i think i spend more time on the game then now, because of the expectation that what keep me also spending money on the game
    The fact that they let you enjoy your goal prize and time to Re-decorate all 3 accounts Fashion Restaurant bakery story

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    I agree with post #33 all they want is for people to spend money.. i m doing this last goal but i wont be doing anymore, until the start the goals back to 29 days or at least 25 days 😕

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    Help us out, don't be greedy.

    I have played this game for several years because it helps me de-stress. but since you don't give us any breaks between goals anymore it's starting to cause stress and I think I may stop playing the game which really kind of bugs me because I've invested a lot of time and a little bit of money into it. This is not just for restaurant story is also for the bakery story. I've already stopped playing farm story I can't keep up I have a full-time job and I suffer from a few stress issues and much as I love this game it is starting to cause stress and it's no longer any fun especially with the short 5 day goals I don't have time to finish them. And the amount of parts it needs to build an oven is ridiculous the amount of food you need to prepare for the second leg of the goal and the time it takes to make it is preposterous. You have to realize that you have working people who have full-time jobs and students who go to school and work we're not all stay-at-home moms to be able to play this game the way you have it set up thank you for hearing me out I hope you make some changes. Sometimes I feel that you make the goals so overwhelming so that people will purchase gems. Trust me I purchase plenty of them you don't need to make the game impossible. Makes me think that you're focused more on the monetary then the actual game. I get that you need to make money but come on be reasonable

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