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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    It was easy to finish the longer goals because there was plenty of time to schedule it all around real life things...usually I would have almost a week left. It was even okay when it got switched to 15 days because the requirements were less for the appliances. Now that they've gone to the 32 of one part & 40 of another part per appliance, it's difficult to finish. Yes, it's nice to be able to craft the parts from stuff that drops while cooking the recipes, but the drops are MASSIVELY unbalanced. Yes, you can spam the drops by cancelling recipes and starting new ones, but again, the drops are MASSIVELY unbalanced and it takes a long time.

    Even with active neighbors, building one appliance takes a long time with so many parts required, never mind the THREE that are required to finish one of the steps, and I usually don't make it to the second set of appliances until 3-5 days from the end of the event. I have been unable to finish the final goal in both RS and BS for the last 5-6 events, and it's beginning to feel like a lost cause. I've played both for at least 5 years and I'm growing tired of never finishing. I'm not going to spend money on a game that never improves itself and only makes it harder. I used to spend gems on fun decorations during sales and things, but there's little reason to now, when I have appliances that only have half of the recipes unlocked and appliances in the process of being built that are going to take a month or more to finally finish up after an event.

    Put it back to the way it was. Being able to build your own parts was a good idea, because it helped people that didn't have many neighbors, but the parts requirements now are ridiculously high. Either give us more time to finish or lessen the parts requirements. You've made the game an un-enjoyable slog and I'm not paying money to encourage that behavior. I'm getting to the point that if I don't like the final goal, I'm not even going to bother attempting the event at all. I enjoy the side goals more because chances are I already have the appliances built--cooking the recipes is more enjoyable if I don't have to worry about building appliances. The side goals are more like what the game should be.

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    I am not sure this is an 'active' post, as the poll was a few years ago it looks like. However, this does seem to be the appropriate place for this comment. The previous post here is two months old now, but I echo those sentiments in many ways. I have been playing both RS and BS since 2014 like Eilonthay, and I have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the current playing experience.

    I have what I think are a good amount of neighbors, but many of them seem to have given up on the goals over the past several months, and no longer gift goal parts. I haven't tried to determine if they answer requests or not. I bring this up to illustrate one of the primary reasons the current goal requirements are turning a lot of people off to the game. I too have been struggling to finish the goals by day 15, and always because of the quantity of parts needed to build the new stoves, especially the second stove/oven in the goal set. 72 parts to make one appliance is incredibly hard to get, and certainly not quickly, so you have less stoves to get through the goal. I used to be able to get 5-6 stoves before a goal was up, when you still needed normal amounts of parts. Even though the parts usually had one new and one or more existing parts, you still didn't need 42 for the first and 72 for the second. Yes, you can 'farm' parts, but as mentioned above, very-unbalanced in the drop frequency. It seems that always one part, at least, has a very high rarity in drop rate. I can usually finish the entire side goal before I have started on the second recipe on the first stove in the goal, since I am cooking 5-10 of the 2 hr recipes on one stove, and then 11-20 on two stoves. You get the one stove out of the gate at least, but it takes a long time to get the parts for the second stove. I have found myself more often having to pay the 2 crystals to bypass having the 3rd stove completed, just so I can move on to the second recipe, and wait for more parts over the following days.

    I have been considering for some time now just giving up on it. I also have struggled to finish goals while playing diligently. Games should be fun, not make you feel hopeless. I like a good challenge, but I would appreciate the number of parts needed to build a new oven be cut in half, or at least seriously reduced. And honestly, do new goals need to start like clockwork every two weeks? It feels more like work than entertainment half the time, but maybe that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixiegamer View Post
    Hey all,

    This thread (and poll) is to gather feedback regarding the 15-day goal timers - do you think the timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

    Unlike the goal-related feedback polls, this poll is staying open indefinitely, and respondents only get one (still anonymous) vote each. Please feel free to vote above and share your comments here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated

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    Don't see a poll to vote in but I think they need to be longer. Can't get enough pieces to drop to make items to build the stoves. I also think leftover pieces should be carried over to the next goal by transforming them to the new pieces needed.

    I also don't get notifications anymore so it makes it very difficult to play. I'm almost ready to give up.

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    Yeah, I think I've only completed the goal once since it went to 15 days, whereas I used to always finish them. Once they started requiring 3 ovens, I barely get the second one built before the gail is over.

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    Goals are needing way too many items to be cooked i can never complete them when i need to cook 40 items

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    I think the length is fine. I think the place where it gets hung up (at least it?s always here for me) is second appliance, second recipe. It seems to ask for a ridiculously high amount of the second recipe in relation to the rest of the recipes.

    For instance, this current event had the second appliance with a 3hr, 7hr and 10hr. It wanted 15 of the 3 hour which is fine as it gives you a built appliance and you?ve probably already got some of the new parts gifted to you or have enough pieces from first appliance to build a second appliance.

    The 7hr wanted 25. Most people aren?t around all day but okay you can collect in am and pm and if you have a good amount of daily gifting neighbors, you may already have a 3rd oven. If you do it?ll take you at least 4 days to get them all. I ended up speeding up with the ads but I?ve heard not everyone gets them and I don?t think I would have finished the goal without them or without the last goal only wanting 12 and I already had 4 ovens.

    If you?re struggling, it makes a HUGE difference to go on the ?friend me? thread and look for people who have recently posted who only do goals and get a ton so you?re getting goal parts gifted daily.

    TL;DR I think the goal total length is fine, even with side goal as I finish that in about week, if that. I?d like to see the second appliance ask for less of the second recipe as in this past goal, it took me 6 days. It usually takes me more and often I don?t finish without burning gems to speed a lot of stuff up

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    I vote for remain the same!

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    When I started this games about 12 years ago, goals were two weeks and quantities were not as high, not as many parts were needed to construct equipment. We had a week in between goals or even two weeks in between to relish our coins. I think the 15 day goal length is good, but in my opinion the 5 day goals should be 7 days because the last part of every 5 day goal has a lot to fill and I dont think 5 days is enough when half the goal consists of 12 to 18 hour cook time with possibly up to 8 or more items have to be cooked at a time.

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    make the time longer so we have enough time to finish the goal. Lessen the quantity of parts. Also the 5 day goal pls add more days to complete the task.

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