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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    I totally agree with most of the previous comments. The goals are too harsh. I have spent plenty to decorate my store but the number of parts requirement for 1 oven is excessive. Moreover the 2-hour, 3-hour goals are very stressful. I don?t want to waste the years of money I have put into this game but I am seriously thinking if quitting. It?s just not as fun as before.

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    i have been playing since 2014 and i find it harder to finish the 15 day goals because of the amount of parts required for the ovens and requesting neighbors for parts with so little time for me to finish it. this makes the game stressful for me and i don't enjoy the game as much as i used to because of the way they changed the goals. however, i like doing the 5 day goals since I find that it fits my daily schedule and is very laid back.
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    The goal needs to be longer like it was years ago.I've been playing for about 5 years or more. Most players are busy with life due to work, school, or dealing with chronic illnesses, so time is precious and limited. I wasn't able to finish last goal due to my daughter's graduation services and party.No option offered to pay to finish it.I can see me retiring from the game soon due to no new recipes on the staple appliances and way to earn more gems after level 4 cooking level. Please get rid of cooking utensil wall display! Players need more ways to earn gems, money, expansion, decor, and oven/stove/appliances.I love the ease of cooking by closing my restaurant by blocking the door like a real restaurant.I HATED the Restaurant Story 2 with it stressful cooking to feed the speed eating demons where you couldn't block the door to cook.It says a lot for people to play Restaurant Story & Bakery Story for years. Please work out the bugs with food not cooking after you set it with the new goals these past two months! Thank you guys for your support thru the many years of play too!

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    I voted to say longer because I find it very hard to complete the goals without assistance with gems. I’ve been playing for about 6 years and used to love the month long goals but they were so easy. Found it was better when the days were shortened to 15 days but now we need so many parts for building the ovens. Plus I love to do the side goals but again find it hard, especially with the latest goal of serving so much 16 hour and 42 hour food. I play restaurant, bakery, farm, dragon and castle story on 3 accounts along with having a family so I’m in and out of them all day between household chores and young children lol

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    I think what they give us is more then enough time. Id rather see the add attacks be cut why all the adds Im so tempted to delete the game it bothers me everytime I go to check my food or whatever I get a ton of adds. Like one add sure but its a little ridiculous
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    The goals do not have enough time. They have too many items to have to buy or get from your neighbors you end up begging your neighbors and it becomes stressful. Then you say this is a game it is supposed to be fun. And then you don't care about the games because it's not fun anymore I never finished a goal anymore. I have lost several neighbors who have said the game is not fun and they don't want to play it because it is too stressful. I have been playing these games for years and I'm getting close to just not doing any goals czeslaw get in talking to my friends and not caring about the game. You have made the game stupid and worthless and there are a lot of angry people playing now.

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    Hate the 15 days goals.

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    Make it longer for people not getting notifications

    Quote Originally Posted by pixiegamer View Post
    Hey all,

    This thread (and poll) is to gather feedback regarding the 15-day goal timers - do you think the timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

    Unlike the goal-related feedback polls, this poll is staying open indefinitely, and respondents only get one (still anonymous) vote each. Please feel free to vote above and share your comments here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated
    I have been playing this game since it first originated. And now this is the first time I will not be able to finish the quests because I am no longer getting notifications that my food is done. This is seriously annoying and I can't believe I might actually quit this game cuz they can't fix this issue. Make the goal end time longer for people that aren't getting notifications. This sucks.

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    Put to 28 days

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    Put back to 28 days

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