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Thread: No internet connection message

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    No internet connection message

    So I have been getting a pop up every time I try to go into my restaurant saying I have no internet connection. I don?t have a problem with any other game saying this. I have uninstalled, restarted my phone, force closed the game and still nothing. Y?all need to fix the bugs, I?m missing out on the goal because of this
    BS- No longer accepting neighbors

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    Same thing is happening to me on Bakery Story. The problem started when the latest goal began. Every once in awhile I can connect but get disconnected after a few minutes. I have no issues with any other online apps I contacted Storm8 but they no longer seem to have a costumer service department. I play on an iPad. Don’t know if that matters.

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    I've been having the same problem too. It says I don't have Internet connection, but I'm playing Bakery just fine.
    Usually, I force-close Restaurant and it (kinda) solves the problem.

    However, right now, at this very moment, it doesn't seem to allow me to go in Restaurant at all.
    I wait for it to load, it says "Processing", and after a long while, it says I have no internet connection. Oddly, I can still play Bakery.

    Is Storm8 currently loading heavy/new content/update to RS, which may cause this problem? Please advise, thanks.

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    Hey all,

    I've flagged this over for the team to review. In the meantime, can you please check if this problem persists across different internet connections? Ex. if you connect to a different network, does the problem go away or remain?
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    on my iphone east coast

    Unhappy had to delete RS more than a few times, this one may be permanent

    Here is my issue(s) - besides getting STUCK in "processing" the game will 'revert back' after i cooked dishes, re-decorated the place etc..

    For example yesterday I re-downloaded the app it was fine for the afternoon, then it had counters and foods i had previously cooked but they got all put onto to one counter because it was the same dish, then I go to cook new items come back when they are done, and there's the 3 extra counters i had put back in storage! Not to mention there is food that is cooked with the cook book up like its empty.

    I also put Halloween Tables out then when i went back on, my previous tables were showing.

    This is super annoying, and i love this game and want to play again, and do not experience any issues like this with bakery or fashion.

    is anyone else experiencing this type of problem?

    And yes my iphone is always up to date.

    Thank you

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    Hey guys,

    Small update on this matter: this issue is being looked into, and any further details you can provide about when you experience this issue would really help out a lot. Specifically:
    • Are you able to open your game at all, or does this issue occur after you get into your game?
    • Does this issue occur after a specific action? For example: you lose connectivity after trying to cook a dish, or visiting a neighbor, etc.
    • Are you using the newest version of the game? If not, you may want to uninstall any older versions you have on your device and try the newest version. Don't worry, your progress will be saved between versions
    • Have you tried connecting over different WiFi connections? Is this issue isolated to a single connection or does it affect multiple connections?

    Thanks for your patience everyone, and thank you in advance for any info you can provide. I'll update again as soon as I get more news.
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    This happens to me a number of times everday on BS and RS. EVERY time I get on. After some minutes a popup (at least this one doesn't steal gems) will appear saying "We're sorry but... needs an internet connection. Please check your connection abd try again." I have to exit and then get back on, only to find out the stuff I just spent the last few minutes doing is negated and I have to do it all over again. Man, just yet another S8 g l i t c h (that's an inappropriate word in their games btw). This is not a problem with games from other developers or other websites.

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    I just read what is happening. I have the same message. Can only visit a few people & then constantly saying I?m not connected. I?m connected just fine. I wouldn?t be on here at all if I wasn?t connected.
    When this happens in BS & RS, it also moves my neighbor I try to visit at the end of the list & removes the appliances & furniture in the current neighbor I?m visiting when getting disconnected.

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    The problem seems to be happening again right now.
    I keep constantly getting disconnected from RS & BS. I have tried shutting everything down.
    Then my neighbors furniture will no longer show up so no place to tip.

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