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Thread: Elite Trapper trade in Royal Exchange

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    Elite Trapper trade in Royal Exchange

    Reason to keep geese out I guess.
    20 Soft Feathers
    15 Boar Pelt
    15 Manticore Whisker

    Gives chance for Royal Beam/Block et c.

    Edit..saw this posted in a couple other threads. Move if necessary. Ty.
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    I was wondering abt this. I thought I may have overlooked it during the event

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    Am wondering if the feathers are still dropping... I only have 50, but I'd like to have a goal for my manticore whiskers...

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    The feathers are still dropping. Just got one from both my white and black goose. Glad there is a use for them. Now I will keep them out. I'm always looking for trades to do since I still need to craft building permits.

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    My trade gave sap and jewels. Meh. But I guess a use for whiskers. And if you have a good source for pelts it's a good way to get a trade ticket.

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    The last few elite trades done gave me fancy stuff vs the royal stuff we are supposed to get with the trade. Is anybody else having the same issue?

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