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Thread: Castle Story: 10/5 | Candy Conniption Community Event | EXPIRED

  1. #671
    Most useless event ever!
    did not enjoy a bit. hoping for a better update today though

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jul 2014
    I still need to make pops to get last baby. Please place the ability to craft them back in my kitchen. I only have 2 of the three...I thought we had until November to craft them....please fix.
    Wasn’t able to craft but now am able to again!
    Last edited by gracelinda; 10-19-17 at 11:41 AM.

  3. #673
    They're back

  4. #674
    Love the animated eyes in the lair of beasts. Very amusing.

  5. #675
    I did complete this event. Hopefully the beasts den comes in handy. The event got a little monotonous towards the end with clicking chickens, so I was glad when that aspect finished. I had to Gem old Thomas house and the main timer quite a few times to get enough pumpkins and teeth to complete this event. I liked that this event was a bit different and somewhat diversified (not just clicking the one thing over and over).

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    Feb 2014
    My Werepea dropped a treatbag just now so it's worth checking.

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    Feb 2014
    Glad to see the treatbags drop again.

  8. #678
    I just spent 118 gems thinking it would give me remaining candles to get the the first ghost baby and it just gave me 1 candle. seriously??? It didn?t give a total amount for all or I wouldn?t have done it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    Glad to see the treatbags drop again.
    Same here. Still need the last baby.
    Stopped playing DS because of LB.

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    Feb 2014
    Treat bag just dropped from Toadstool Farmhouse. This is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. I guess I'm just curious how far I can go at this pace.

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