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Thread: Restaurant Story: October 2017

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    Add me carmenjp428 on BS and RS. Im a parts gifter, tips not necessary ��

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    Apr 2013
    Hello i am re opening both my restaurant and bakery!!! Long time player lvl 99, very active during goals , and will gift daily and accept all requests! Id: mamakittys

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    Hi please add me arcticpingu
    Will accept all requests, getting back into playing now and need neighbours ��

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    Bakery Story
    Add me mamabear2515
    I play Bakery, Restaurant and Fashion Story. I only add neighbors with 3-4 stars. I tip and gift daily but i do not write on walls, takes too much time. My storm id is MamaBear2515

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    Mine: LisaPaul1911
    My friends ID: shamygrokite

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    I've been playing Restaurant Story and Bakery Story for 3 or 4 years, and I come back after a break. I have to redo the list of all my neighbors, since they all stop the game!

    I'm very active, especially when goals and Tips ( 3 stars today)


    (sorry for my english)
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    Looking for active players only with a star rating of 3 and 4. I'm a silent daily tipper and also gift daily, always respond to requests
    ID sallyrobinson

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    I gift daily, just started out
    ID: Pikawalrus

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    Oct 2017
    Im new to this so inly just started but add me please

    Id - rustys246

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    Add me: zombiefacejesss

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