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Thread: Bakery Story: October 2017

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    Oct 2017
    Add me please! ID: jionghong1996!
    Active and needed neighbours and gift! THANKS!!

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    Mar 2013
    please add me momcomander. I just found my password and am an active player, Just having to get back into it.

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    Hi guys, I've been playing since 2011 and most of my neighbours have retired. Urgently seeking new neighbors who respond to parts requests. Thanks!

    ID: trandafirucake

    have a nice day ^^

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    Hi, looking for active players to complete goals together. Just recently got back to playing so please add me

    ID: carmenjp428

    �� Cheers everyone

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    Oct 2016
    need neighbours who will kindly send relevant parts and accept requests in a timely fashion during GOALS. thanks!

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    I am a really active player, add me: moonlightbaexo 💋

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    Hello there!

    I'm looking for active Players who accept requests and send gifts (especially Food or Goal parts favored). No tipping needed!

    I'm a lvl 99 Player and happy about your invitations

    My ID: Pinki998

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    Oct 2017
    add me
    id ploysai16

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    Sep 2012
    Bakery Story
    Add me: mamabear2515

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