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Thread: Gem Dispenser No Longer Available for Purchase in Box?

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    Gem Dispenser No Longer Available for Purchase in Box?

    I thought the dispenser was part of the Bakery Essentials 2 box. Is that no longer the case?

    Also I played the game for 5 years then took a break for a couple of years. I noticed on my version of the game that I do not get the daily free gems option to by watching videos. This is available to my sons who started playing the game, they get 10 free gems a day. Is the only way for me to get gems is to buy them or master recipes?
    Thank you.

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    Welcome back! Unfortunately, I have bad news

    The Gem Dispenser was a standalone floor decoration that was taken off the market last year. It is no longer available, and was not a box prize. For more information, please visit this thread.

    The daily free gem videos are a random feature that may be offered or taken away any time. It is possible you may receive this feature in your game in the future. The ongoing discussion about this topic is here.

    I'm going to be closing this thread as both topics have a currently-ongoing discussion thread dedicated to them respectively. For any further questions, you can send me a PM or post on the respective thread. Thanks!
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