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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    I may be the minority but the length of time is fine with me. It?s the concurrent goals that get a little tricky to manage. When they started doing two 5 days during the 14 day, I became more picky about which goals to invest my time in. I?d stop and look at the prize first (for side goals and 5 day) to see if it?s something I really wanted/will use. If not, I skip it. I previously would start every goal without even looking at the prize. I know a few neighbors of mine have done this, realized later they already had the prize in their inventory and regretted not taking a second to look at the goal prize first.

    I remember years back when goals were very manageable. I could get by with just the three required 1st and 2nd ovens and finish on time. Things have changed since then. While I miss the ease of it all, I chalk the new difficulty up to the change of times. We?ve all had to adapt to changes in our life one way or another. This game is no exception. If you want something enough, you make time for it like you would anything else. I also think it is key to have neighbors who have the same or very similar play style as you. It makes it very manageable for gifting purposes and getting your requests accepted.

    With that being said, happy baking all I?m excited for the upcoming holiday goals!

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    I've been playing for almost 11 years. It would be nice if the 14 day goals were 21 day (and give us a week break in between to collect basic parts) and the 5 day goals would be spread out over the month, maybe every 10 days. I have no problem completing the 5 day goals because I have 56 oven spaces, but if I need parts besides main goal parts, nbrs will not send them. Also lately the goals are using up my coin buying expensive chairs and other items - where we used to buy 2 side items, now we need 3 or 4. I used to keep $20mil in BS and now I'm down to $700k. We are producing more food than we can possibly sell. I am quitting RS and will be cutting back on goals in BS until I sell off some food. I play this game to relax and it's one goal after another. I especially resent this during the holiday season when you want to spend time with family. The game used to give you a break in between and now it does not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bojolinda View Post
    I've been playing for almost 11 years. It would be nice if the 14 day goals .
    I agree with that, I need at least a week to get rid of all the food, and I know some just dispose of it but to me personally makes no sense, because I'll be just wasting my coins :[
    I'd like maybe a 15 days goal with side one and with the other days maybe 1 or 2 5 goal u know what I mean? I can't even enjoy my new appliances xc

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    I'd say we need more time as I've missed the goals last 2 which is disappointing

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    Okay I get that people are able to finish the events in time. But people like me don't. I have a job which has no fixed duty hours, there are students and tbh people don't always have the luxury to finish the events at all even, especially the 5 day ones. However that doesn't mean we should just quit and that storm8 shouldn't or won't bend their goal times, which I did read here.
    I really want goals to be on for a longer duration. Especially the short ones from 5 to 10 days

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    15 days is fine, but the quantity don't. Indeed, those who work full-time cannot complete the goals. Since they changed this system, I can't do it. And so the player loses his interest. The gameplay used to be much better.

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    The time can stay the same but the quantities bought and baked need to be decreased. I'm wondering if they can even keep new players now. There's not as many lower level players popping up in my community now.

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    There are too many goals 3-4 at a time. I haven?t finished a goal in 4 sessions. Plus the timer on the goals are off. One goal was suppose to finish in 3 days. It actually finished the next day. Then, today. I had only 2 hours and my food would be completed for the goal. It said it had 7 hours left. I come back before my 2 hours are up and it has expired. Also I wish there was an easier way to give gifts instead of looking for them. It would be so much easier to click and they receive the gift and move on. Also things in the decor need to be in some kind of order. If you?re looking for Christmas things, you got to hunt and peck through the entire list 50 times. Then, the list reverts back to the first item instead of staying in place. Then, you have to start over again. I love the game, but I got things to do. I don?t even have time to visit my neighbors.

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    Adding 2 5 day goals is a little much. I need a break from all the goals. Plus you can?t even master any recipes and I have tons of counters of food, that each goal is a different item.

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