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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    Recycled is better than nothing because gems.

    The short times, combined with high's like it is designed to make people quit playing the game. Throw in side goals and ugh! Goals are more chore, less fun.

    50,000 for one appliance?! Newbies can't swing that, even if they had enough good neighbors sending them parts (which they don't.)

    Move those side goals to a different week.
    Drop the cost of appliances.
    Lengthen the goal time.

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    longer please by like a 24 hours at least im always a day late

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    I think 3 weeks is a good compromise, I think the side goal should come out on a separate week though, possibly week 2 or 3.

    I liked the addition of new recipes to an existing appliance which only had 3 recipes. I definitely remember a series of appliances that only had 1 recipe, I would love to have more to cook on those old ovens since they're already built. If it was incorporated into a side goal, it would make it easier to complete as well.

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    I enjoy the twice a month goals and now the new side goals. While I can usually complete the goals in 14 days, left does happen and some players may not have active neighbors who can send the parts on a consistent basis. If shortening the number of days is not ideal, than perhaps less parts instead of needing 10 maybe 6-8, and instead of 3-4 maybe 2-3.

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    I like the 14/15 day goals. I find 30 day goals to be far to long, and it frankly makes the game very boring. It is my opinion that the goal times have been spot on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jojocl141587 View Post
    I couldn?t agree more with the waiting for the next goal feeling like forever. I usually finish the main goal within the first week and then the side goal a day or two later depending on what?s needed to bake. A 3 week period just waiting for the goal to end would be too much for me. Sounds like people need better neighbors who respond to gift requests to build appliances quicker, and don?t wait around to have 5 or 6 built to start baking, start right away. It always works for me and sometimes I don?t start building until the next day while I?m waiting on parts, it?s called time management.
    I agree 100%. I have great neighbors who always gift parts that are needed & answer requests in a timely manner. I also do not accept ANY food as gifts which increases the number of parts available for building. Most of the time the only goal parts I need are the new ones specific to the new goal machine.
    I also like the 2 week goal timers. I usually finish the main goal in the 1st week. And finish the side goals in 3 days. When the side goal pops up, 2nd machine, 2nd appliance, I'm ready to go. Referring to the forum gives you the info needed ahead of time. And yes... Time management is everything!

    * I play both RS & BS. And I'm able to complete the goals & side goals in both.
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    I hope everyone is having a wonderful day

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    I would love to go back to 30 day goals with weekly updates. It?s not the shorter time frame that bothers me it is the expense of 2 goals at once. I want to expand but expansions are ridiculously expensive unless you have real $ to spend. Every time e I start to get ahead another expensive goal with a side goal comes along.

    *Go back to longer goal with weekly updates
    *Lift the 20 gift per day limit to make it less frustrating to build
    *Fewer parts for goal ovens
    *Have an expansion be a goal prize or have expansion sale

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    I very much agree with Pixiegamer's assessment, it's spot on and the suggested solutions are pretty good. I'm also so happy to see longer cook times of recipes more recently. I have 4 (used to be 6) S8 games I could potentially spend money on but haven't in a very long time for 2 reasons, 1) No confirm button to prevent accidentally buying something I don't want and 2) the goal times have been so back to back in BS & RS (& DS but had to drop DS b/c it became 2 overwhelming even though that's where I spent most of my real $) that I actually don't have time to search the EXTREMELY POORLY LAID OUT, MASSIVE INVENTORY/ITEM LISTS. The longer I play these games, the longer it takes to go through inventory, barely complete (or sometimes not) a goal or do anything which means the less time I have to enjoy browsing items I might want to buy. I also very much get the feeling that the shorter goal times are intentionally set up to force a large number of players to spend a few gems here & there, to eat away at them and force players to buy more gems. Feeling this way, makes me dead set on NOT buying which creates the opposite effect of intended... Perhaps 21 days would be a better band-aid until these issues can and need to be addressed.

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    Longer for me. Pixiegamer hit the nail on the head for me as well.

    Right now and for a few years now, my Bakery is not expanding.
    Can't achieve getting enough money to expand.
    So with all this main goal and side goal going on,
    I am now having to remove Decor to make room for more counters
    for the now 6 recipes on the main goal ovens and even more counters with side goal recipes.
    If this continues, I'll have a bakery full of counters, little deco, and maybe a few tables and chairs.

    I for one like to decorate!
    So we need to have time to empty some counters up between goals.
    You know make some kind of a profit.
    A sort of a balancing act needs to be created.

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    I'd like recipes to be profitable like they used to be.

    Now we cook for like 8, 9 hours and profit is only 2900 max?! =P
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