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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    I wish the 5 day ones were 6 day maybe or had less of the long recipes needed. I usually do finish them fine but only if I?m on often to get the short recipes done. I love how the tasks are posted here so I can start the long ones for the next parts while waiting for the long ones of current parts but I missed one day and ended up getting all messed up so I didn?t finish

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    I have a job and I love this game, but it doesn't keep in mind those of us who work, or even sleep for that matter. most time I never reach the goals because food has spoiled and have to start over. Its also hard to sometimes get pieces from neighbors because some of them may or may not still play. There should be something where as you can cook something for parts or some new updates.

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    It should be longer than 15 days cause in my case, I'm progressing a little slower so I can't complete the goal in time specially when it has to do with ovens cause you have to reach a certain number of level before you can purchase another oven.

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    Instead of asking for additional days/longer period for goals, I'd rather ask for less parts required to build appliances (esp. second ones of 15 days goal). 40-32, that's just too many for us. About 20 gifts and 20 request max perday/reset, it took me 2 days at least if I got lucky. The collectibles didn't really help with that, in my case.
    Also the amount of servings required for them, 24-23-24, that's not easy for us to fulfill. With 3 ovens, 23 servings of 7 hours food required at least 3 days, since I won't always be there to take it out as soon as it's done.
    I got lucky and blessed with active neighbors so I almost always finished goals on time. But if I want to have some "days off", I'd have to finish the goals involving 1st appliances in like 3 days at least and finished building 3 of the 1st appliances in 1-2 days (2 resets?) and start to collect 2nd appliances parts as soon as possible.
    That's one of my strategy, I think. Once I'm done building all 3 of the 1st appliances, I'd only accept 2nd appliances parts as gift also that's where the collectibles go. I would bake anything with the 1st appliances to get more collectible parts, enough to build another 2nd appliances to finish the goal sooner (24 servings of 10hrs recipe required at least 80hrs/4 days if you only have 3 appliances, smh).
    So maybe like 30-22 pieces for 2nd appliances?? and definitely lower amount of servings required for foods involved in 2nd appliances

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    I vote for 30 days for the goal timer. It is really hard to complete them in 15 days especially when some of the cook times have been 12-16 hours

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    Longer to allow to complete without playing all day long. If you are just going to add more requirements to the goals then don?t bother extending the time period. Players should be able to complete the goals if they play at least once per day without stress! Alternatively don?t require collection from anything longer than 4 hours and no ?random? drops on any required item. If you have to wait fir a drop more than an hour it should be a sure thing that you get that drop.

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