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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    With a busy schedule, the short timed recipes are more of a problem in completing Goals.
    Ever since they started the 2 Goals a month schedule, my coins keep decreasing and I can't do/buy anything else unless I want to miss an oven in the next Goal.
    It is also becoming more and more annoying to look for anything. New items keep coming but nothing has changed in organizing them.
    15-20 days should be fine for Goals but its effects should be addressed.

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    I myself played a few years ago before the game changed. I always enjoyed it in the past. Now I DO NOT enjoy it.

    We had plenty of time to finish and received a very special and very nice prize. I myself have tried several times to finish the goal. I have not finished one of the newer goals. So I just don't try any longer. Why should I. What's the point?? With the holidays coming up.....only more disappointment. After not having finished so many times a player begins to feel like a loser. A loser. For a new player?? Feeling like a loser may make them quit very quickly.

    A game should not be a stressful time. It should be very enjoyable. And fair to all. I refuse to spend any real money on a virtual prize I will not obtain.
    The goals are programmed to be what they are. Money spend money.
    In the good old days I used to spend a lot of money on bakery story and restaurant story. Fashion story also. But these games are not much fun anymore. They should be fun.

    So I will make a suggestion. Just an idea had. Here goes. Please don't shoot the messenger lol.

    Have 2 versions of BS for example. 1. The original version
    2. The newer updated version

    Have the same goals. Same cookers. Same prizes. Everything is the same except the newer version has all those miserable parts most don't like and cannot obtain. I always manage to come up short on the second part. Why??? The server has been programmed to "hold" the parts. So we might spend some money? Not.
    More people would enjoy the experience of a wonderful game and keep playing. And spend more on something they enjoy.
    I play another game. I dare not mention the title. But I will spend $20.00 and more every week. And when I play and visit other players? I can see they also spend a great deal on the game. But it's a very fun game. Your food never spoils. It never cheats. And there is always many ways to "win" free workers. Free coins points gems. And decorations that generate coins and points. For example after 2 days you collect your coins of 100,000. And points for 2,000. Just an example. But it's a great game. I spend most of my day there.

    There are soooooo many ways for both parties to achieve their goals. Stormy games and the players like myself.

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    You should definitely lengthen the goal time's . People do work , or have school , etc .Three weeks would be so much better . I really hope you read these threads , and take this into consideration .

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    I think the goal time should be longer. Especially since we have no notifications, and it takes a long time to get parts for the machines. It takes DAYS to finish just one machine now. And when you have a recipe that cooks for long periods, it is difficult to do. Especially when you work, go to school, etc, and can't watch it all day ! Please make the goal time longer, OR shorten the cooking times and the amount of parts for the machines. 🙂

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    I would really want to have longer goals since (hopefully for now) I'm getting no notifacations like alot of other android users, I'm not a person who waits for it to be done I can't watch my food every time! Now it actually takes a week just to finish 1 goal appliance and I really want to complete and get the prizes it's extremely frustrating!! Either these goals can be shorter and u decrease the food preperation times or make it longer and keep long preperation times hundered of players including me wanted to have longer goals so plzzzz make it longer or plz do the other choices thx

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    I stopped spending my money on this game years ago when they changed this game for the worse. There?s no creativity and the game is full of glitches. It?s really sad...I have played for 10 years.

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    It should be longer.. so many glitches and I don't get notifications on my phone. End up wasting a lot of money. May stop playing all together.

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    I have just started to have difficulty finishing goals. The reason is notifications no longer work. So I get the dreaded flies at least 3 times for every 2 hour bake. I just can't have an alarm go off every 2 hours, so I have to throw the food away and try again. It's starting to be too much of a pain to even try.

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    I think the 15 day goal is fine. The problem for me is the number of parts to build each oven. There are so goals that require 72 parts per oven! We can only get so many many gifts and material requests per day. I have a lot of neighbors but it takes a while to get enough parts. Collectibles help but takes a while to gather enough to build parts. In summary, my suggestion is to keep 15 day but lower parts needed to build ovens to 30 or 40 max.

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    I like the older system with 30 day goals. With the addition of collectibles to trade for parts, the quantities of parts needed has gotten unrealistic. It's like work, it was more fun before. I do like the side goal or 5 day goals. My two cents 😎

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