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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlGutAr View Post
    I like the 15 days but the amount of parts and now serves per recipe are kinda insane xD Also I don't like the basically 2 goals per month. I prefer it to be just one so they can get u know... Creative x..X and also, we could have more time to build or cook what we want to within that time .... For me the side goal time is OK and as it unlocks after the first part it gimme time to do it without affecting my main goal progress.. But still since last goal something's not OK with the TF. Or they make less requirements or they should extend the timeframes.
    I totally agree! What’s with the new insane amount of dishes to make? I used to be able to do the required number with three ovens that we have to get, but not now. I’m not a mathematician but I think it’s probably impossible to do now with 3 ovens. I know players with 5 ovens who had to use gems to skip parts and barely made it. That’s rather unfair to newer players. I didn’t make the last goal item and I won’t be able to make this one either. Making 40 10-hour dishes?? And the others have been raised significantly too. This is insane! If they want to require that many items then maybe they should just do one set of goals a month. Some players believe it’s to get us to buy more gems. They’re probably right. It’s not enjoyable anymore with these numbers.

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    Longer then 15 days. And 35.000 coins for one Stove?!Serve 25 plates of one meal?! Then repeat this 2 times again with other meals?!Those conditions are set way to high and impossible to finish im time.
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    Yeah. 40-10 hours. I made a curse when seeing that. I alsready bought 5 ovens. How insanse. I skipped all the goals becos its so boring and not interesting at all. Except for goals i really want.

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    15 day goals and the higher amount to bake, I?m building extra ovens to make it. NOT COOL. Needing to make it fun for all players. some of us have to work double shifts and makes it hard to play have lost a few neighbours cause it?s not fun anymore. Perhaps change it so there 21 days and have the option to do a side goal. Cost of ovens is one thing the parts getting them is another. Please make this a fun game . I know I have the option to play or not starting to re think this

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    Agreed! Goals have become impossible to finish. Am seriously considering deleting the game. I have been playing for years.

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    The 15 day limit is to short since you've raised the number of dishes needed to complete the goals and the newer players don't stand a chance which isn't fair to them. So why should the newer players even wanna play.

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    I used to complete the task in the past.
    So the period has been shorten without me realising XD
    But it is not a big deal for me as long as i can unlock all recipe from the new oven

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    The increased amount of dishes with the same amount of time is not feasible. The only reason I finished is because I had to buy double the amount of ovens & use gems. I won’t be doing that again. I can’t afford to spend gems to be able to complete every goal. Please rethink this increase in dishes. Not to mention it’s too much food. I have too many counters taking up precious space that I can’t decorate. I’ve lost several friends. Im may be leaving soon too.

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    I’m having the same problems as all the other people. I have been playing this game for years and this sudden ridiculous increase of dishes barely allows me to even unlock the 10 hours items before the goal ends. There’s 10 days left of the goal and I just unlocked the second oven. 30 dishes of the 2 hours is way too many.

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    The goals have become so absolutely ridiculous. I?m thinking the Storm8 makers are not thinking this through. Make the game pleasant and goals attainable so we stick around and watch their ads so they can make money or make them so unattainable and make no money at all because we all leave. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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