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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

    I noticed for a while now that this seems to be a hot topic so I wanted to create a thread to get all of the feedback in one place.

    Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

    Feel free to explain why you feel the way you do.

    For me, personally, I like it how it is. I like goals twice a month. I get them done in a week and that's typically only being able to make 1 or 2 ovens a day because they need so many parts. So I start out slow, and still finish within a week, side goals included. But, yes, I do have some free time. I understand others don't have as much free time as me.

    It seems like there is this push to extend the goal timer lately. And with the holidays coming up and hoping for some awesome goals, that potentially means less for us if they change it. I don't want that! But I can see how to others, less goals would be preferred if it means they will be able to finish any at all.

    If any moderator or admin could edit my post and add a poll at the top for this question, that would be preferred. I've made a poll before but I can't seem to figure out how to do it now. :P - This has been done! Thank you, pixiegamer.

    The current length of a goal is 15 days. Some time ago, unsure of any dates (years ago, maybe?), the goal timer used to be 30 days to complete a goal. So that's what a lot of people have been debating about for the past several months: to extend the goal timer back to 30 days or not. A lot of people say they would like that, and then other people say they are fine with the 15 day timer. Some people are saying the 15 day goal timer is enough for them to complete goals, however, they see their friends or neighbors struggling so they would rather have a longer goal timer.

    The side goal, which to my knowledge is a new thing that has been appearing along the main goal for the last several updates. The way the side goal works is it has the same goal timer as the main goal but you will not see the side goal until you progress through the main goal to a certain point, usually sometime during the second oven. Some side goals have unlocked after the 2nd recipe from the 2nd oven unlocks. This past side goal unlocked when the second oven itself was unlocked. You will likely see a shorter timer for the side goal when you unlock it because it will end at the same time as the main goal. So if it takes you a few days to progress through the main goal and then to unlock the side goal, your side goal timer will be: [15 days MINUS the days it takes you to progress through and get to the side goal] (basically, whatever time is left on the goal becomes your side goal timer - hope this makes sense).
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    I'll get back to you on the poll - it is something I've been wanting to do myself, but I have to check with a CM first

    Adding my two cents (not a ramble, nope nope) to this: I don't mind the 15-day timeline, necessarily, but I think it has a host of problems that need to be resolved. I'll expand on them later, but as a cursory overview:

    1. The high number of parts
    2. The price of the furniture and decor we receive
    3. The timing/spacing between goals
    4. The comparatively low recipe times, servings, and profits
    5. (Lately) the increase in recycled content
    6. The side quests (not the quests themselves, but their timing and how they stress the already-short timeline)

    The (eventual) conclusion I want to argue is that 15-day goals exacerbate the issues above, and I'd prefer to go back to 30-day goals, with a variation on the other updates we'd get that month. The following is a suggestion (again, to be added to later):

    Week 1: 30-day goals
    Week 2: Side Quest for an LTO
    Week 3: "Regular" Update
    Week 4: Sale

    I'll flesh this out when I get more time. Thank you for starting this thread; I think it's a much-needed discussion to have
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    I like the 15 day goals, I also normally finish within a week main and side goals MAYBE a day or two longer but I always have what seems like forever left on the timer when I finish. I am currently a sahm so yes I have the time however even when I was working full time I would?ve been able to finish, it?s about how you manage your time. For example the 9 hour recipes how hard is it to put a batch of whatever it is to cook right before you leave for work and it would be done when you get out. Do the same thing before you go to bed. I do think the side goals should start when the regular goal starts or at the very least at the same time the second appliance is unlocked. The parts required are high, I find it more annoying waiting on people for 30 parts it doesn?t heavily affect whether or not I finish though. I usually start baking once I have even the first oven built, I personally feel like waiting until you have 4 or 5 built to start is a time waster bc you?re waiting on parts, all that time you could?ve been baking to slowly finish that recipe, and I only build max 5 appliances each usually it?s about 4. I get people have lives and jobs but it?s not Storm8 or any other game developers job to alter their games to fit people?s lives and schedules it?s up to people to choose to play games they have time for and maybe a game that has time sensitive goals and events just isn?t a good option.
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    I also enjoy the 15 day goals and always finish with time to spare (just a few days) but I have to side with other people and say that they should extend the goals. This is just to be fair and accommodate more players that might not be able to finish both the main goal and side goal in 15 days. Also, just because goals are 15 days doesn't necessarily mean that we're getting 2 per month because we're not. It just seems like it but it's really still only only 1 goal per month with less time to complete it.
    I used to build only 2 of each oven with no issues and still finish on time, but now that we're getting side goals I'm building 3 of each oven because I still like to save as many coins as possible. I am still able to finish with time to spare but I have the time to play and check often. If I had to work full-time, I can see how I would be frustrated having to build more ovens just to finish on time. I agree with pixiegamer that the cost of things, especially tables & chairs and ovens of late is just way too high. New players especially can't be building 5+ of each oven for every goal and that just isn't fair. Heck, I have 15 million coins and it still hurts!
    Also, as someone who buys gems, I would never spend money to complete goals... Which I believe many players are now having to do if they're close to finishing but are just short a few hours. I don't think this is right. I think gems should be for decor, ovens, and LTO's. So with all that in mind, I think 21 day goals are just more reasonable. There's many ways for S8 to make money (increasing sales, releasing LTOs, releasing new content, etc.) but decreasing the time available to complete goals shouldn't be one of them.

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    Alright guys, the CM granted me permission and so, WE HAVE A POLL!

    Unlike the goal-related feedback polls, this one is staying open indefinitely, and respondents only get one vote each. The duration in question is the 15-day duration of recent goals (as of this writing).

    And, as usual, your additional comments and feedback on this thread are more than welcome Thank you catprint for starting this thread!
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    I hate the shorter goals. I haven't finished a goal since they shortened the time.

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    I like what pixie said 30 day but with the idea there is something to look forward to each week

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    15 days seems like enough to complete a goal, but for busy people it's much too short. I'm a college student that's balancing school work, an internship, etc and I barely have time to keep up with them. That being said, I think the prices for stuff should be more inclusive for lower levels. I've been level 99 for a while so coins aren't an issue for other high-level bakeries but I'm sure people under 50 struggle with buying multiple expensive ovens in order to meet the goal.

    I vote to extend it! Too much stress will drive people away from the game.

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    Longer goals since not everyone can finish up a goal or build more thank 2 ovens in a short amount of time. I feel like 15 is a good number but 30 would be more ideal.
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    Thanks for starting this thread catprint and pixiegamer for adding Poll to it ❤️

    I would like to have longer timelined Goals for 30 days with side-quest along with the main goal, as this will lessen the stress of cooking for (real life) working players.

    I would also like to have recipes with 1/2,000 (or more) of servings to make lots of $ in order to be able to buy those highly expensive decors.

    Please NO to recycled stuffs and Yes to opening for old goals re-releases.

    It's always good to have items on Sales the more Sales are regular on items the more happy customers in game!

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