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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LydiaSkywalker View Post
    Can only speak for myself, but I'm fine with the goal timer as it is and I'm enjoying the additional challenge of having the three goals simultaneously.

    So far, I've always been able to finish without buying gems. I also like that the 5-day goal starts earlier; that way, I have it finished when I need to build the 2nd appliance of the main goal and can leave all 1st main goal appliances in the bakery and keep cooking on them for additional parts.

    Gotta say I have great neighbors so I usually get both the 20 parts gifted and the 20 requested parts.

    If anybody needs a neighbor that gifts goal parts daily: my ID is LydiaSkywalker. (Though I have to mention that I don't tip daily and only from my wall; I do check for parts request several times a day, though.)
    Me too

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    Longer. I have some advantage. Have more time. When I had less definitely no way I could accomplish goal. Unfair to the majority that don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LydiaSkywalker View Post

    Gotta say I have great neighbors so I usually get both the 20 parts gifted and the 20 requested parts.
    You're definitely lucky. Finding good neighbors are like needle in haystack. Some not consistent. From day 1 added neighbors and gifted at reset. Never missed without notification on my wall. Only missed 3 since started goal on April mostly. Mine great in the beginning later ..dropped them and so glad. Rather help deserving of my time. I repeated pointed out gifted at 3am, they don't appreciate , gifting later and later . By that time I'm doing them a favor. Buh bye..

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    It's getting riddiclous
    Newest Goal:13 days as you can see they don't care for what we want.
    This way even more will quit. 14 days was way to short.
    Go Figure with 13 goal days, and my neighbours are not to blame.

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    I am a longtime player who has been unable to finish the 14 day goals. I can usually get to the last recipe on 2nd oven, but cannot finish in the time allotted. As a result, unable to get last goal with new recipe. I have recently gone thru neighbor list and deleted many inactive - hoping this will help me. So like the poll indicates, I’d like the 14 day goal to be longer so I can earn the special extra recipe. And maybe a better way to indicate players non-activity. Maybe accounts could be flagged on walls when no activity by player after say 30 days??
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    Longer, they keep starting other side goals which makes it hard to finish all. They also have shortened the days from 15 to 13

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    Well, I like to play but it's getting even more insane goal by goal.. Shorter time and not satisfied with it, they are adding goals like crazy to the main one.. Honestly I was OK with the side optional goals... It was still KINDA possible to achieve both so OK, but not sure what's their rush? Wanna add lots? Good, 1 15 days with side goal and 2 5 day goals in the rest of the month.. we play for fun but I guess they don't know what that is anymore.. And, its only me feeling they will soon run out of ideas? Hahahaha I mean new goal prizes have been kinda odd since last months of last year..
    Take it cool Storm8! We need more time to play and enjoy your catchy game, good enough with our real jobs to add another shift xD

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    Becoming more of a task than fun?

    It seems that the game is testing our patience and s****s in juggling our real time and what to bake in the game. The game has been increasing the number of goals to accomplish and the gap between the main goals was a breather but now that it?s bi-monthly goals (x2?3?4 goals now), I sometimes kinda wonder what I am doing with my time apart from the many chores and work I have to do, especially with the 2-hours goals? I find myself waking up to catch up or stopping during a cycling ride to do my goals! I also don?t like how we have to keep asking for the parts from our neighbors because of the amount of parts needed to complete. It used to be a fun and cute game. I quit for a year in 2020 and was back just last year to check it out again and say hello to some neighbors and now, all I ever think of is: if I can?t finish the goals anymore, I?ll definitely quit forever. Pressure 😞🤪

    Oh yeah, wish there?s no limit in receiving gifts per day as well! We ask, they give. They gift, we receive. Why put a limit? 😣

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    Totally agree with you! Sorry if I kinda deviated from the real question. I just think there?s so many factors to consider and 🧐 comment on before answering ✌🏼
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    With all the extra goals that have been added I need more time

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