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Thread: Please fix this!

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    Please fix this!

    Please fix this. I am literally crying. I was at 12/15 of my Pignulata. (Forno du Pasticcinoes) But I only had 4 hours to finish it. I didn't get to unlock the last two things in that oven😔 This makes me really sad, and to think that there were more tasks after that. You should really give more time, or do less tasks. Please don't ignore this thread.

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    I completely agree with you. I'm a really high level now so I make plenty of money and have lots of neighbours to send parts for building new ovens; but until I got to this stage I found it really difficult to finish goals. Don't even get me started on side goals!!! It seems like, unless you're at a certain level, it's very nearly impossible to finish all the goals they give without buying a load of gems to speed things along. This is extremely unfair, and I think they should give lower levels more time to finish the goal so that everyone gets a chance. I may be doing well now, but I've still got locked recipes and ovens from years ago because I didn't manage to finish goals in time

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    I wrote to them expressing that there weren?t t any indication of how long tasks would take I got so close to completing my goal then came back it was gone, I wasn?t t to happy! They made the tasks impossible with 24 dishes each on them! I didn?t bother doing the new task for the community! I feel everyone should get a chance to get the goals and I agree about the locked recipes Im making food now to see if I can unlock the recipes prob won?t work now but we should be able to unlock them!

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