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Thread: What New Prizes would you like to see?

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    Still soup kitchen

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    Not sure where to post this so decided to try here

    Please consider the following

    1. Offer another Gnome Gathering and Metagalactic Meteorite habitat
    2. Offer a sale on fences and paths currently in shop (waiting to stock up on golden fence + skipping stone paths)
    3. Offer a sale on Snowy Gazebo
    4. Offer Flower Gazebo and Beach Gazebo (I made up those names, the idea is to have a Gazebo for each season)
    5. Most importantly - 3rd Show Pony habitat!

    Thank you.

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    Would love to see another chance at getting an owl as a pet.

    Also, thought it would be neat to have some sort of water pet - octopus, alligator, dolphin...some sort of ocean creature!

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    Please consider to giveaway 1x free expansion! At any spot!

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    I would like to be able to use my many, many silver bells!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post

    What New Prizes would you like to see?

    Hey Everyone,

    What are the new prizes that you want to see in-game for the following? Please post any new suggestions that you have and specify your preference, if any, in where you like to see them. E.g. for Tree house or for events. If you have specific new prizes in mind, feel free to post screenshots as well. All suggestions are very welcome.

    1. Tree house prizes
    2. Events prizes

    Are there specific past prizes that you like to see brought back? If you have missed them out previously, here's your chance to post it!

    Please do include in your own post if you see other members' suggestions that you like.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

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    Please a way to use up some of those silver bells!

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    I agree with a way to use up silver bells and gold bells.

    Allow gold bells to be exchanged for gems.

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