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Thread: Colosseum

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    Quote Originally Posted by jibro View Post
    On my game it says something like 32 days for 450 points. Can't see the exact amounts now, but I see it as a way to keep people connected for the next few weeks with a small extra, cause we can't say for now that you get a big reward for every round
    So far I have been wining coins and a blue bonus thing, (no idea) and coins are a waste of time for me. Has anyone gotten something better than coins and the blue things?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eluzyion View Post
    Thanks Elsa! Any word when Android gets the update?
    I don't have an update for when Android will receive the feature yet. Sorry! <3

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    I did two rounds and Im already stuck. I would love to have the horse but Im pretty sure I will totally get bored with this. I mean seriously?! 450 ,parts' to win -.-
    And that for just another animal going to storage.

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    i started this : imo, this is like the DS arena. random opponents. each time you win a battle, you win 1 element and once you got enough, you craft the dragon
    here we don't have craft house , so we got the animal without crafting
    some little difference (time bonus,..)
    not fan of it especially if we need so many points. does it mean we have to do 490 battles ?
    a little bit complicated and no infos at all.
    and last : now i have english here and french there ! what a mess ! lol
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    I have done update & on IOS but my Colosseum remains closed! Update has made no difference to my game at all ��

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    Hi I was just saying that the collesium is impossible.😔😔😔😔
    Funner52 if u have a question, u can send me a private message.
    Have a good rest of your day!
    Thanks again, Funner52

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funner52 View Post
    Hi I was just saying that the collesium is impossible.
    Nothing is impossible
    Here is a link to a strategy guide

    Not all elements are there but if u go to the last page of the thread, others have contributed and updated with the new elements. Hope this helps and good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by calvinxx View Post
    Mine has a new animal, Tidesdale super rare dark/water

    It seems to me like you need to win 48 battles in a row without a single loss to obtain the animal. Going to be very difficult and frustrating
    I read on one thread prize was a horse, if it's tidesdale is it a Clydesdale horse? If so android better have the same prize with full amt of time to get it as well. Why is this game always giving some things to some of us instead of ALL features to ALL of us, don't say you're testing you can do that in house and if it doesn't fly to customers get rid of it. I don't play any other game that does this!

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    I do not know if anyone has figure it out or even think what is Collesium?

    First we need to weight this first BATTLEGROUNDS, playing this is easy no need a 1hour timer & furthermore it last forever, rewards GEMS, Apples, GOLD

    TOURNAMENTS we are slap with a 3day/5day or 10day timer every loss or win 1hour timer, if you are high level 5K entry(at least we are not bother about gold) rewards, Apples & the animal


    we need parts 450 I believe & we are slap with a 1 hour timer, (I though I am looking at it wrong but if we win 1 battle we are award with 1 part, 1 part) In a day we have 24hour so I am assuming we are that lucky 24parts if you choose to sleep every hour :P

    additional parts can be gotten IF you maintain a winning streak (bonus 1 part) In a game where lvl1 common can kill your UR lvl15 & you need a critical hit to win. It is more than luck in winning.

    One thing I notice Ultimate hit cost 12gems Yes 12gems not the usual 24gems but if you maintain your streak & win you get 1 bonus part LOL if you lose the game would ask you if you want to maintain your streak with 24gems???

    So if I dun use my 12gems for A WIN I am ask to pay 24gems & come back an hour later to try my luck again for a win????

    I really hope S8 would really look at this further & start to improve on the second try or trial because it really is not making sense

    hey battle 450 times to get an SR if you maintain a streak we throw in an extra round.

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    Well the fennock shox is destroying me

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