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Thread: Missing leaderboard points after partial rollback and how to avoid them ?

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    Missing leaderboard points after partial rollback and how to avoid them ?

    My game froze because of a "new day" several minutes after I had played "spin to win" (winning points), hatched a dragon and evolved a dragon.
    Then I noticed that I had lost about 200 Leaderboard points, but none of the above actions had reset.

    These rollbacks are starting to really considering stopping with this game.
    Of course regularly I experience the annoyance of not having planted apples or (really frustrating) winning an important Arena tournament fight and after rollback losing the repeat fight.
    But last Leaderboard event I lost 2nd place and the big prize (Nautilus dragon) after a rollback caused my boost purchase to disappear, but didn't reset the 400.000 apples I had fed the dragons. I had seen my 2nd place on the leaderboard, then a short freeze, and 3rd place with less points and apples lost.

    I had purposely shut down the game and rebooted the phone before buying the boost and feeding my entire stock of apples, as I hoped this way to avoid a rollback, but unfortunately that didn't help.
    Are there any successful ways to avoid them ?

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    I am sorry you have had these issues. Please contact support so an agent can check your game.

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