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Thread: Mystic Maps

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    Mystic Maps

    I keep winning mystic maps, but I cant use them. Please give us more LAND!!

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    I literally just got 9 maps from 3 spins (used ads). This puts me at 409 maps - with no where to use them. Sigh. I'd love more land!

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    i have 1300 maps and 1015 island parts
    DS : Dragons de Pern (level 200) 826/882 dragons (168 still in storage)
    (sorry but i no longer accept or add neighbors for DS)
    FFS : Pern forest (level 200) 496/524 animals (120 still in storage)
    (stopping FFS on 2017/12/31, so don?t try to add me)
    FS2 : Campagne (level 73)

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    My internet connection is good, always have been. No other apps "crash" like S8 games...
    Luckily I still have a little more land so the maps help. I don't use decorations on my islands nor do I keep duplicate dragons but the land is slowly going scarce now.
    I hope they do something about this problem soon. My idea of a 2nd island still applies. Place a tunnel on the first island between level 90 and 110. Then the player clicks on the tunnel to take them to a 2nd island that looks exactly like the first island. The trick of this would be that any breeding or hatching would only occur on the first island but when an egg is hatched the player would be given a choice of putting this on the 1st island (island a) or the 2nd island (island b). For evolution, I would say have a separate evolution temple for the 2nd island and make it available for coins. Only dragons from island a can evolve on island a and same for island b. Breeding would only be done on island a but the list of dragon choices would have dragons from island a and island b.
    I know this may sound confusing but, trust me, it would definitely work and it'll make for smoother resolution and less crashes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsden111 View Post
    I keep winning mystic maps, but I cant use them. Please give us more LAND!!
    There is already a current thread on wanting more land. Please continue your discussions there.

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