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Thread: Bakery: Winter Holidays 2017 Request Thread

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    I'd love all ovens be available with all the recipes.... especially the holiday goal ovens...

    I missed all the cool Christmas ovens & items from last year

    Bakery Story S8 Dreamear lvl 99.

    Adding active players who don't care about tipping.

    I don't care if my neighbor's tipping rate is zero so long as responding/accepting material requests, gifting goal parts during a goal & usable parts during non-goal times.

    Started playing August 2017
    This is a game, it's supposed to be fun.
    Not stressful

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    I want the gingerbread house, reindeer, Santa?s workshop, sleigh and gem dispenser!! I?m looking forward to the goals

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    Yes definitely old locked recipes please.
    And the Gem Dispenser!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kianetruefaux View Post
    sometimes, 2nd prize seems harder to get than 1st. i get paranoid about opening a different box because if i get 2nd prize there then that's it for the box i'm trying to win. i like and have been playing this game forever. i'll pay money. but, making 2nd and 1st prizes so impossible from a box is.. unfair business practice to put it gently. after 15 tries, i think we should start getting 1st or 2nd.

    it's not like we'll win one box and not be interested in the prizes of other boxes. offer nice items and we'll go for them as well. that way they'll still make money and we can get the items we paid for.
    I completely agree. I have been trying to get the Dainty piano fron the cake and tea box for literally 5 years. It?s impossible. Just put it for sale.

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    Something really christmasy !! Related to gingerbread ,northpole ,santa ,elves ,cakes and cupcakea ,hot chocolate ,snow and Christmas trees and lights

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    Please bring back recipes to the original oven from either 2011 or 2012 (not sure which year it was) but there were I think 12 recipes that we unlocked as we went through the goals. Recipes such as well done toast, holiday waffles and cherry muffins. I also really reeeeeeeally want to be able to bake the gingerbread house again and I want back peppermint mochas...please! This was the best Christmas year ever that I’ve played the game. I really hope that you guys can do something awesome like you used to when you put out other versions of the game. Ahh the good old days that I miss sooooo much!!!

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    Goal holiday items from last year , put the ginger bread house for sale, ginger bread tree, ginger bread reindeer etc
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    LTO’s of first prizes from crates for coins or gems (Gingerbread Baker, Pastry Hub, Mighty Oven, Mighty Drink Mixer, Garden Tea Party, Wedding Cake,); please just don’t go overboard on the prices. I would spend lots by getting multiple items.

    Gem Dispenser (for both platforms, Android and iOS)

    All crates (removed and current) for half price; this was such a nice treat for Black Friday; I spent way too much!

    Old ovens and recipes; unlock recipes on regular ovens.

    Maybe have additional oven slots for 12 or 20 gems (instead of 49); I would definitely spend money on several of those!!!

    Discounted expansions would be marvelous.

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    I missed the recent Black Friday Sale ( 11/24(2017 ) because we were visiting our son out of state, for the Thanksgiving holiday & weekend.
    Any chance of Storm making the items available again before Christmas, for those of us who missed out while celebrating the holiday with loved ones? I?m particularly interested in the fireplace stockings, the wall colored lights, etc
    Thanks & looking forward to seeing the items back again soon.

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    Please release the magic of Christmas!!!!!Click image for larger version. 

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