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Thread: Bakery: Winter Holidays 2017 Request Thread

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    Bakery: Winter Holidays 2017 Request Thread

    Winter Holidays 2017

    Hi Everyone,

    What are the previously released items you like to see for Winter Holiday? This applies to Black Friday Sale and Winter Holidays.

    As Storm8 is currently finalising our content for the winter holidays, this thread will only be open for a short time - maybe about a week or so, so don't delay in posting your wish list.

    This thread is for previously released items. Please do not post new/current game features nor suggestions.

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    Oh thank you for asking! I am so looking forward to the fun winter theme that is coming this year! Sadly I missed the year when winter branches and frosted glass were being used. That entire goal line was so beautiful and I would love to see the ovens used for that theme as well as the decorations again pretty please!!! Again, thank you for asking!

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    I would LOVE if Storm8 re-released old fall, Halloween and Christmas goals like they did last year that ran simultaneously with the new goal to give the players who weren't playing at the time a chance to get them. I really want the Santa's Shop fountain and oven as well as the snowman one's. The fall fountain and oven and the Hallo-oven
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    I'd really like the North Pole Express. It was on sale 2 or 3 years ago but didn't have quite enough gems to get it. I keep seeing it in my daughters bakery.

    I'm sure there'll be other things but I can't think of any at the minute. I'm sure there'll be lots of other gamers that will think of other Christmas and winter items. In looking forward to seeing what others come up with.
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    Would like to see the old oven and fountains re-released goals.
    Winterfrost oven/winterfrost fountain.
    Fall fountain/fall oven
    Pumpkin stove,
    Harvest candy maker,winter wedding oven,bakesgiving oven, winter oven,
    Santa shop oven and the santa shop fountain.

    North Pole Express
    Gingerbread house
    Santa workshop
    Reindeer ( missing two of them)
    Ice cream parlor
    Snowball fight
    Truffle chair
    Snowball stool
    North pole cake
    Romantic skate
    Fire place stockings
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    Santa's Grotto please!!

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    Monster kitchen and haunted house! Know the haunted house was re-released a couple years back, but unfortunately I hadn't saved enough gems. Also, please make gem items more reasonably priced! I remember last year with the Halloween sale a netherworld gate was going for 70 gems.

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    Would like to have
    Santas Oven 2012
    Turkey Oven
    World Games Oven 2012
    Witch Cauldron 2012
    Musical Drink Machine
    North Pole Express

    GEM DISPENSER please
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    I would love to see the old recipes unlocked again on the original oven (gingerbread cake, etc) as I didn't get to complete them the first time around. Along the same line, I'd love it if we could get the candy cane recipe back on the Candy Cane Maker. And I'm always happy to see when S8 offers the hard to get prizes from the mystery boxes in the sales (e.g. Monster Mash and Gingerbread Baker.)
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    Where do I start, there's too much on my mind...

    - Gingerbread house (yeah still can't get that one)
    - Winter oven
    - Winter gift box 3 snowmen (don't know the exact name)
    - Winterland (winter gift box 1st prize, looks like a frozen house)
    - Lighted pillar

    - Healthy sweets machine
    - Coffee pods
    - Ice cream bar


    - Holiday donut
    - Mince pie
    - Gingerbread cake
    - Holiday cupcake
    - Yule log
    - Cranberry cider
    - Candy canes

    I'll add to this list later...

    Edit: Everything Christmas-sy from 2011-2012
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