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Thread: *Question*: What item/s would you like re-released for the holidays?

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    I would like the event of Dragons (royal, etc) to happen again. I only got 2 of the 3 and would like to have the opportunity to get the one that I am missing.
    Mummy, Ghost, Werebeast, Werewolf spawns & drops for crafting them (Ivy's Cauldron *still* has those crafts with no way besides gems to get the resources to craft them!) (i agree!!!")
    Midsummer festival event
    Storybook Event - An Orchestrated Occasion
    these last two are events i did not get to finish

    Thankful Mystery Dinner event
    It was only for iOS and i want the opportunity to play that event!
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    1. items previously released that you'd like to see again.
    - LoOooOoooOoooove SHACK!!! - if not for these Fall/Winter holidays, then for Valentine's, puhleeeeeeeeease!!
    - Haunted Keep
    - Spooky Hollow adventure that has a chance to drop Spooky Scarecrows, Hayrides, Haunted Lanterns, Spooky Candles and lots of other H'weeny stuff from the past.
    - Mummy, Ghost, Werebeast, Werewolf spawns & drops for crafting them (Ivy's Cauldron *still* has those crafts with no way besides gems to get the resources to craft them!)
    - Harvest Pergola
    - Bountiful Table &/or Mystery Dinner Table
    - Food Shelter
    - After T'giving til the end of the year: Turn the timer back on the Pile of Gifts, with chances to drop choppable Xmas trees & gift boxes, Ivy & Wreath Lampposts & lots of other Xmasy stuff from the past
    - Polaris North adventure with chances to drop lots of past Xmasy stuff
    - Anything that *is* re-released (as a quest OR Market purchase), please allow a limit of 2, like S8 once did with the Glimmerbat Habitat, so everyone can participate. (It was no fun when the Summer Gazebo was re-released only for those who didn't get it the first time. The rest of us sat around, twiddling our thumbs.)

    2. items you would like to go on sale for the times above.
    - 40%-50% off gem sale for Black Friday, like the Black Fridays of old (30% off is just a normal gem sale we randomly see all year round.)
    - Old Baron's Tent items on sale in the Market (Skelecorn, Dragon Bones, Clock Tower, Art Studio, character Gnomes, etc.)
    - Witch Alicolt
    - Cownt Dracula
    - Witch's Cauldron
    - some Holiday/Seasonal options for sale in the Market for COINS

    ...Thanks for asking & for the opportunity to voice our wants! :-*
    Grand Teotwawki-Teotu Poobah of the North Woods
    ~Thuakie Sword Society, Founder & Forge Master ~
    Not accepting new nbrs, can hardly keep up w/the demanding ones I have. lol *kiss*

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    I'm with everyone else here about the Love Shack - those of us who don't have it would love to get it.
    And sale on goldmine, beastbane, wizard school and cabbage hut.
    And I'd love to be able to finish a few of the event items I never got to the end of - my particular one is the lily pond (so pretty when complete even if not hugely useful) and the tea party and other recent ones maybe? Wouldn't it be grand if some of these were offered for COINS - haha

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    I know the gnome characters of Thurston and Sabina were re-released a while back but if any other characters had existed (don't know), those as well please. I think they're lovely because they don't have any collection timer floating above them.
    Also that police troll that smacks things. I think he was and old Barons tent prize before the game had been available on Android.

    Finally, hoping all previous holiday trees will be available once again, since they're fun to chop and ofcourse the 2 wonderful feast tables be made available.

    Thanks for any consideration ☺

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    I'd love the love shack, feast tables and haunted keep as well please
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    Love Shack!

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    i'm thinking, as a Brit, why are we only talking the black friday sales? :-P

    we have taken the idea of them on over here it's true but the BIG SALE TIME in U.K. is the Boxing Day/January sales that start on boxing day (26th Dec) (yes i know that includes the last week of Dec in the title January sales )

    my suggestion is more sales from all around the world more often.

    oh & i want a weeping angel statue & penguins.

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    Love shack please.

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    Love Shack and Alicorns please!
    Would also love an extra 10% off gems for a total of 40% off. That would really be a good incentive to stock up on gems/new items.

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    LOVE SHACK!! Witchs Caldron!!
    Feast Table!! Choppable Holiday Trees!! Gift boxes

    Thanks for asking!!

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