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Thread: *Question*: What item/s would you like re-released for the holidays?

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    I'll throw in with those asking for the Love Shack (even if it will take a miracle to get it) and add that I'd like to see some of the older event buildings and animals. Always nice to get a second chance at the ones we missed.

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    Love shack, boutiful table and re-release harvest pergola task
    Alicorns on discount
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    1. I want some old quest to re-release again. And not only to new player. But for old player who got the quest, bought the building but cannot finish it. Same quest but because some people will have unfinished building, the quest to upgrade building will automatically done until the last part of their upgrade. The other quest to collect or do something still have to do to be done. For me specially, I cant finish summer gazebo, bountiful table, and Harvest pergola. AND L9VE SHACK OF COURSE 😀😀😀

    2. I really want to buy gold mine. Last sale my gems isnt enough. I want gold mine and some beautiful daily ali from hut on sale. Or to be in hut again.

    Thank you so much for asking our opinion and hear our greedy need.

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    Love shack also for me

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    Love Shack and Alicorn

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    FEAST TABLE PLEASE and the Haunted Keep
    don't care about the love shack.

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    Love Shack.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersaceMorrow View Post
    Love shack, feast-dropping tables, daily alicorns and monster hunt statues made available

    Gold mines and weekly alicorns on sale
    I agree with all of that! Lol

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    Alicorns, bountiful table, love shacks. Also expansion permits pls.
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    One of the tables that drops feasts

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