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Thread: *Question*: What item/s would you like re-released for the holidays?

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    I missed this post. If I'm not too late I'd like to add some. I know some items may be ones I've not quested for yet but don't realize it. And I realize my list is far too expansive. (Edit: I'm sorry it's a huge list of ideas. But it gives a lot of options for long term re-releases. ...And I just re-read the first post asking for short term upcoming sales, but I'll leave it with the ideas anyway.) With Halloween coming up I listed a lot of items that might fit with the holiday. And I think it would be nice to run past events for people who didn't get to finish them.

    Here are some items I like the most for utility or beauty when visiting my neighbors:

    Golden mine
    Beastborn display
    Beast Hunt statues
    Any energy droppers like unicorns/alicorns/daily droppers
    Useful items
    - like orphanage, petting zoo, stack of presents, bountiful feast table/grand feast table/mystery dinner table (not sure of their drops), reindeer stable, monster stable, haunted stable, Ivy's cauldron, witch's potion cauldron, pergola quest
    Pretty items - Tea party, garden patio, faerie harp, lucky gate and walls, kitsune arch, flower stand, faerie path, floating lanterns, log path
    Beautiful trees - like fur tree (favorite) and blossom trees/blossom gazebo (really would love anything from the blossom event), Christmas trees of all kinds, love puff tree, cotton candy shrub, kissing willow, twisted willow, icy willow, blossoming willow
    Ponds- Butterfly pond, koi pond, lily pond, horseshoe pond
    Dark purple animals - like royal dark and dark unicorns, shadow lynx, dark wolf, onyx animals
    Pink animals - or any that drop paths/walls or other items, seahorse in bubble whose name eludes me
    I would really love to get Fi Fi and baby Fi Fi, or a regular fangbeast to go with my babies
    Items that regularly drop bread and flour, seal of the fawn, and an item with a more regular drop for golden nuggets.

    A few of the most striking buildings....every time I see the storm mill I want it....same with the pumpkin cottage and haunted house

    As much as Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, several items are really cute - gothic kings keep, haunted house, haunted cabin, haunted cottage, billy the skelly, twisted terrarium, shadow fangbeast, raven lantern, ghost bench, dragon statue (not craft able one)

    I've wanted the love shack for a long time (I'm back years after losing my original game) but I wonder if the drops make it worthwhile. I'd love to hear from people who have one if they are helpful.

    I hate that I missed the blossom, gingerbread, princess storybook and ice cream events.

    By the way, I second Northwoodskingdom's idea....why not every now and then just do an adventure that has a group of past items with a guaranteed item dropping once say every 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours? I've seen a lot of Halloween themed items that could drop. Or you could bring out Ivy's Cauldron or other building with the ability to craft some of the items.

    And I like Northwoodskingdom's idea of holiday items available in the market for coins......I should have just copied the post as s/he? has so many wonderful ideas.

    I like Keychaindragon's idea of coin choppable winter/holiday trees that give random stuff.........

    One last thought.....might Consider not doing too many gem only items for sale at the same time, instead, spreading them out a little. I can buy smaller amounts of gems over time multiple times as opposed to a large bunch of gems in fewer purchases.

    Thank you Spiritwind for being so thoughtful and helpful. We truly appreciate your continued efforts in making this game fun.
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    Love Shack

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    Snow walls, snow gate, icy path.

    I will spend real money if necessary, if these are available.
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    Love Shack - ALWAYS Love Shack....

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    The Rafflesia Garden or anything that drops trade tickets and/or expansion permits.

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