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Thread: Frozen frenzy menia

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    Talking Frozen frenzy menia

    My is is TC4XX34.
    Today I got a new ipadpro and installed the game and it shows different I'd. I reached the level of 706 but I the new iPad I have to start with from 1.what I have to do to continue the level of 706

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Do you have the Storm8 ID and password of your old account? If yes, you can use the Login feature to transfer your Storm8 ID and all Storm8 games over to your new device. Please see the instructions on post 1 of the New Logon on Feature thread.

    If you have issues transferring your games, you can contact Storm8 Support: and they can transfer your games.

    If you are selling or giving away your old device, it is recommended that you contact Support and ask them to remove your Storm8 ID and games tagged to that device.

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