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Thread: Restaurant Story: September 2017

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    Restaurant Story: September 2017

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.
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    Jun 2017
    Add me [ID: sebax100x] I don't often tip, but always respond request and send gifts almost daily.
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    Please add me. bravecoconut

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    Jun 2016
    Ontario, Canada

    I play everyday on all accounts, and usually tip everyday as well. I gift parts or food on all accounts on top of that. I perfer food and basic parts and when the time comes new goal parts, I'm not very social currently because of things outside of the game, but I will reply sometimes.

    Rules for adding:
    1. Must be 3-4 stars.
    2. That's it.

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    add me: madisons20027

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    Add me: acarolinj

    Add me: acarolinj

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    Only add if you don't mind that we do not tip. Have been playing for a very long time so we are most active at goals. Parts only please and only if you share the belief that life sometimes gets in the way and this is just a game.
    Please add my friend:
    and me:

    Thank you

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    Hi all! I'm in need of new neighbors

    I'm a daily player, and gift only parts (basic/goal), as I hope you do aswell! I will delete food gifters. I use mass gifting and always respond to requests.

    I don't tip or write on walls, and won't require that from you, either.

    Also, I should mention I'm 6 months pregnant, so I'll have a break from playing sometime around Christmas

    So, if you're an active, part-gifting player, who isn't big on tipping, please add mingviini2!

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    lack of neighbours, add my id @ paulinemania

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