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Thread: Restaurant Story 2 Suggestion Thread

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    I don?t know how long I have been stuck at Level 60. Not being able to
    Expand my restaurant or see what things are ?coming soon? is frustrating. I REALLY don?t want to delete this game but I am getting duplicate items from the same cruises and nowhere to put them. I really hope this update that is happening for ?all games? includes a big update to this fun game.

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    It looks like this games getting minimal attention from S8
    Repeated cruises for ages now

    And no decorations at all for this current cruise.

    Please give new decor

    Please also give new expansions for land storage and other things so theres something new

    We need something new

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    I would like to see the coming soon areas finished been ages waiting for them. Also we had 2 recipes that we could only get once master a set few would like to see more of these otherwise don’t seam much point in mastering them as don’t even reduce the cooking time. Come on Storm8 update this game for us.
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    Hello I have been playing this game since it came out in 2014! I was just wondering if there is ever going to be any app updates? Also, I have been waiting for the hotdog stand and the fisher boat to open up, but they both just keep saying coming soon. it would be great if you can finally open them up! and now to my suggestions for all those other recipes can you do like a throw back event to have the chance to finish earning the master stars? also with the character gem items can we trade in our abundance for gems, stamps, or serving hands? and back in the day you used to have things like play this game and get to level ten and we will give you gems...can you please bring that back? thank you!

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