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Thread: Fashion Story

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    Fashion Story

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, I've always wanted to post but never was able because I never knew how to get on and now I do, anyways I written to storm 8 on fashion story and my msg to them was closed right away asking me to post on the forums, so with that being said im posting to the forums, i did write on fb but no response so this is my only hope! I'm sure u got many Msgs regarding fashion story the last thing I want is to bug u, I've been playing for years and I'm seeing a few friends leave the game because there's no update, once a few friends had left i became sad because im still holding onto the game with hope, a small update would be good to let us all know ur still around and that u haven't given up on us! My friends had told me to let them know once i heard anything, im doing this for not only me but for them to, I don't wanna lose the game but i also know if it does theres nothing we can do! I spent a lot of money on it and plan on spending more money hopefully soon! I've bought money 💰 when there was no updates but i cant buy anymore because i need to know for sure if the game is still gonna continue! Halloween is coming and of course I wanna see the items! Pls don't close the game pls let us know something ty we definitely deserve an update even to let us know ur still around! Thank you for ur time!

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    I'm definitely disappointed as well and I'm sure a lot of people are...I have played this game for at least 5 yrs, possibly longer, spent a lot of money and time (every day for 5+ yrs adds up!) An update would be great, or some info as to IF OR WHEN we would see updates! As much as I love this game it's getting a little boring with no new updates for so long! I won't spend any more $$ on this game unless they give new updates...after I've put this much time and $$ I believe we deserve SOMETHING...very disappointed...

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    Sadly S8 will keep on giving the same boring excuse of them having staff layoff and all while did nothing that will make us spend money on this game. I understand this is business but with no new products, what is there to attract customers/players like us?

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    I think the layoff is just an bad excuse. They still could realese us Lto?s every week, discounted chest etc.
    Other games of TeamLava still have updates.
    Sad to say but I can?t help thinking the only reason they don?t shot the light on fashion story is just for keep earning money from gem sales.
    I read the forum, see how many of us asked for new information and zero, no response.

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    Tbh, I'm sure you're not the only one thinking that is just an excuse. I don't know who would still buy gems when there is hardly anything interesting to buy. Not to mention the constant popping quest prize for purchase is still there, costing me gems. And guess what, no refunds on accidental purchase due to their constant popups.

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    The old goals popups are very annoying. It always makes me quit the game. I expanded my shop 3 more times the past 6 months. I think they gave us these expansions on purpose because we had too much FS money. (no room for more zeros)
    I'm even thinking now that I'm losing gems. Like magic. Can't recall buying anything.... 😕
    Had 60 nbr, removed 12. I think only 10 are active and leave tips. Some others only send gifts.
    Already playong for 7 yrs but the end is neigh!

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    What kills me is the complete disrespect of their customers. I've rarely spent anything on this game but the people who have spent large sums, are owed an explanation for why there has been a lack of information for nearly a year now. If they want to kill the game why not just tell us? It's unbelievably childish and irresponsible to operate a company this way.

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    They FINALLY come out with some Autumn/Halloween items after so many requests for updates. Unfortunately, you need gems if you want to purchase 80% of them. As I'm finding out w/other S8 games, they're all about $$.

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    They did? I didn’t see anything new? What am I missing?

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    Lightbulb Everybody be happy for what you have

    Quote Originally Posted by kaedysmommy View Post
    They did? I didn?t see anything new? What am I missing?
    Hi,,, not to offend anyone,,, I love fashion story,,, and it was a while that they haven't gave us a new goal,,, however,,, they just did,,, maybe it's from a collection of 2012,,, but iam thrill with that,,, I always wanted the world games collection,,, sorry I missed it in 2012,, I think,,, but I was very happy and pleased with what they gave us,,, maybe they are going through a situation,, where they don't have a lot of employees,,, it's very difficult to create a game ,, where you have multiple, items,, multiple players,,, then money is involved,,, from millions of player,,, to keep it functioning properly,,, I think they are a genius,,,, I have no complaints at all,,, be happy for what you get,,, because they could terminate the game completely, then what??? All because people are never satisfied ,,, I think they doing a great job,,, they could be working on bringing all the old items back,, and then add new items,,, everybody should be patient,,, and play,, without complaining,,, they are trying, to create the game,, where you won't,, be missing items, or, your clothing disappearing, etc,,,, and that takes time,,, and work,,,, so be happy for what we get,,, I appreciate ,, what they are doing,,, everybody should,, stop putting a whole lot of unnecessary pressure,,, and be happy for what they are doing,,, me I love what they gives us,,, when the time is right,,, Thankyou,,, storm 8 team....

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