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Thread: Castle Story 8/17 - The Toadlettes! | The Builders Guild

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    Disregard JUST forced closed and restarted and like magic a magic forge was in my inventory. Thanks

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    I usually enjoy Castle Story quests. Recently I haven't finished some due to busy schedule and more important things to do. With this one, I was on a roll when CS began bogging down. Everything else worked. I play most of the S8 games except Fantasy Forest which I quit at Christmas due to all the pop ups and random closing. The past week or two, the pop ups from CS have been annoying. I always return gifts and accept requests right away so there is no need for that menu to pop up or gem sales etc. Sometimes I thought gift had not been sent and clicked again which sent me to someone's kingdom or clicked on a building. I ended up creating 2 toad farmhouses as I was trying to create a toad spire. I think it is time to stop CS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    Funny thing...I just spawned a toadlette from one my cottages. 😳. And, of course, I got nothing from defeating it.

    So, S8, why are they still spawning if we can't craft anymore pets????
    The toadlette is still programmed to drop a warrior spear, but only if you're not maxed on spears. I'll get some info on drops soon. Are you maxed on spears??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    The toadlette is still programmed to drop a warrior spear, but only if you're not maxed on spears. I'll get some info on drops soon. Are you maxed on spears??
    I dug deep into my storage & found 91 spears. Then I fought 3 more t-soldiers this morning & no spears. I still have 91 spears

    My question is why are they still spawning if we can't craft any more pets?
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    Curious as to whether story line will continue with Toad buildings and creatures as crafting for upgrades still available and fuzzy moss and mushrooms still dropping. This was pretty fun adventure but makes it hard to progress in What Storms May Come with back to back events happening. Looks like new adorable babies coming today like a Flyger baby! Anyhow keep up the new ideas as still having fun!

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    I had some problems with the toadified magic forge just now. I don't know if I really understand what was being said in the prior page or so about a fix because either it's a different situation or I'm just really that tired that I'm not catching on, I'm sorry.

    I tried to get my builder's guild magic forge today, got the pop up of blah blah max buildings/level up blah blah.
    I refresh the site here and saw someone else mentioned it too.

    Force closed, checked inventory and a second un-toadified version was in first slot so I sold it.

    (First was still on kingdom land. another was in toadification building)

    Then at builder's guild got my toadified one to put next to my other plain one. I didn't buy a third for this.
    I used one of my two off my land since it wasn't in use yesterday.

    So it somehow went from me having two magic forges to three.

    I just had to sell the plain one in inventory (that was not there before!) after a force closing.

    The end. I'm going to sleep. My magic forge is so cute
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    I didn't actually participate, but got enough shroom caps to craft a toadlette soldier. Not that it drops many shroom caps (only 1 so far). I was on my holidays when this event started and had bad wifi. Returned last week on thursday and just had enough time to get enough shroom caps. I had to craft every breaded fish I needed for the adventures, since I don't have anything in stock. No time to stock up either with all te events going on.
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    our former flyger has changed size.. from 2x2 it's now 2x1.
    much easier to place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    our former flyger has changed size.. from 2x2 it's now 2x1.
    much easier to place.
    yes i found it too when i placed my armor flyger next to the original one good for us
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    This event seemed like a pretty fun event and it was the 3/4 days that I played it. Unfortunately, I had to quit playing after everything just got so tedious. I can't keep up with event after event... It just doesn't even seem like im missing out on anything anymore ironically... Now that there's events happening every 2 weeks. I care for the prizes less and less. I'll probably end up quitting the game or just focus on the main storyline if storm8 doesn't slow down with the crazy time quests. Anyhoo, just my 2 cents. I did craft a farmhouse but that's it. I'll slowly get to the rest and hope that the toadlette I missed out on wont b crucial in the future (I really doubt it).

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