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Thread: Castle Story 8/17 - The Toadlettes! | The Builders Guild

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    * upgrade lv2 T-Farmhouse: 30 Sparkling Toadstool, 10 Wood, 10 Stone, 30 Fuzzy Moss
    * upgrade lv3 T-Farmhouse: 35 Sparkling Toadstool, 10 Wooden Beam, 10 Stone Block, 35 Fuzzy Moss

    each collecting a Sparkling Toadstool
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    Question - other than special drops for this quest, do the toadstool buildings have any game benefit, or is it just esthetic?

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    Eish...these adventures are expensive!

    I only have enough money for about 6 more adventures

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    i would never consider changing the look of buildings like forge or potion shop because i like the original look. permanent damage is insane lol
    cheapie buildings ok but not "max 2" buildings!!

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    I just want to say I'm so happy the fountain is now functional and not just for looks. It has always been one of my favorite decorations.
    Another day in Team Lava Land, another collection of coins, another trip to that change machine at the grocery store...

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    The first side goal is the same as step 6 of the timed event. If we do the side goal first, will step 6 automatically complete when we get there? Thanks

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    Upgrade to lvl 4 toadstool farmhouse
    40x sparkling toadstool
    40x fuzzy moss
    4x wooden beams
    4x stone blocks

    Upgrade to lvl 5
    50x sparkling toadstools
    50x fuzzy moss
    3x mossy block
    3x toadstool beam

    I have spawn a soldier from tapping on a lvl 3 t-farmhse as well as getting fuzzy moss and sparkling toadstool drops but no shroom caps yet. The crafted pet toadlette soldier dropped a variety items of toadstools and/or moss including a chance of shroom caps and I think I always got spears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by federerGOAT View Post
    7. Symbiotic Soldiers

    Venture to the Toadstool Forest 0/1
    Defend against Toadlette Soldiers 0/2
    Build a Toadstool Spire 0/1 - 2 toadstool beams, 2 toadstool block, 1 L1 Lantern Spire (watchtowers does not work)
    8. Arrested development

    Venture to the Toadstool Forest 0/2
    Defend against Toadlette Soldiers 0/5
    Build a Toadstool cottage 0/1 - 4 toadstool beams, 4 toadstool blocks, 1 L1 Cottage

    Details for gem skips and rewards in attached pic
    Click image for larger version. 

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    *Dope* Just realized my mistake. Had 5 Shroom Caps from adventures and crafted the Mossy Bed. In hindsight I should have crafted Toadstool Beam first since it also requires 5 Caps and it would have advanced my game to next goal where else the Taming of the Toadstool we still need to wait for adventures to bring 20 Warrior Spears.

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    Toadstool spire dropped 2 fuzzy vines, sparkling toadstool and a fuzzy moss.

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