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Thread: Castle Story 8/17 - The Toadlettes! | The Builders Guild

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    Thank You!

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    OK, I've given myself the top class award for carelessness!!!

    Finished everything a couple of days ago on my main game and have two pet soldiers. Moved onto finishing off my second game where I've got no soldiers and still needed to do the final farmhouse upgrade.

    Mistake number one - sent out a Search the Ancient vault adventure from castle (don't have barracks) lost a day of adventures
    Mistake number two - after I got Porcini, instead of constructing the second mossy bed I made a Toadstool beam and used up 5 of my 10 caps
    Mistake number three - hastening to catch up - not many hours left, not many fish in enventory - mistakenly sent out the trade that uses fish. No energy, no fish, and ponds not giving many fish - the game always does this when you are at the wire.

    If I don't do anything else wrong I should still make it with one more cottage collection and finally an adventure. But it's possible to be too relaxed about these things.

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    Well, I'm not making this one without spending gems. Bc of recent past events (we all know the ones) I'm down to 145gems and need to use 80 of those to finish if I speed up cottage. However, Im still working on upgrading to lvl5 farmhouse awaiting caps to craft beams. Not to mention Im outta fishy dishies for adventures. Messed up timing on ivy so i'm still waiting to collect to finish part9 of Porcini. I haven't even asked nbrs for requests yet (though that should take 20min). While I'm 100% accountible for not finishing due to 2 cardiac incidents this wk & a late start (bc I didnt care for the bldgs, but then decided I wanted the oh-so-cute Porcini, lol), I would have made it irreguardess had I not been mislead by some details on the first few pgs. For instance, that spire dropped caps. Had I known differently, I would have crafted the cottage first. I even inquired about it later on as I saw post references to order, but it was unfortunately too little, too late. At this point, I'm hesitant to even attempt going for Porcini. I know others have used well beyond the 80gems... but I dont spend any money on this game for many the similarly-stated reasons we've all heard (i.e. cost, questionable biz practices, customer service exp.) With relation to cost, my reasons are both principle and personal opinions & preferences, respectively. Principally, bc of the obvious (i.e. confirmation button, glitches), but more importantly I don't like being forced to choose between money and/or time. I think anything over $3 for a graphic is way too much and while "possible" the amount of time involved to avoid spending is also beyond what I'd like to spend in a game. And then my personal preferences for where I spend my money; I know many feel different. But I'd rather travel or invest (a fun hobby for me, i♡#'s, how's that for anorakian 'apppppple crumb'? Haha) and time-wise I'd rather educate myself in something like a new language. I thrive on productivity and fear unrealized potential. So I try to limit things like games & t.v. (we dont even have cable, lol). Even though, bc of my heart I'm now home 24/7 literally (the 5 patients I kept on, I see out of my house)! Yet and still, I feel like this game is addictive (in a bad way) and very time-consuming. However, I will give credit where credit is due... S8 appears to have reorganized concentrating more on customer satisfaction via listening to us with regards to all things recent events and also focused on improving CS service. I have been pleased especially with this event... there was enough going on to keep me interested and yet it wasn't based on luck. I like the challenge of time & resource mgmt, but not to the point you're not sleeping or haven't any control over your efforts. Even so, personally as mentioned, I am limiting my gameplay with the hopes of discontinuing it altogether in lieu of other pursuits. For now, we'll see how limiting goes... as I said this game is addictive and I'm only human, so more likely I'm better off uninstalling. While I've never really felt I've fit particularly well into this forum (nothing personal, I know; just simply not the right fit... a little strict for my tastes & I personally feel it suppresses the kind of creative expression that makes some forums much wittier...I'm more of a Reddit/Quora girl), it has been a pleasure reading your posts and getting to know you. I wish you all the best. ~Baron All :}
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    If the event expires today, does that mean we won't be able to upgrade the cottage and spire anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1mathteach View Post
    If the event expires today, does that mean we won't be able to upgrade the cottage and spire anymore?
    From page 1:

    Tips about the Event
    * There are 2 components - 1 timed and 1 untimed.
    * The Builder's Guild is untimed so you can fuse (or not) at your leisure!
    * Only a Level 1 buildings can be fused
    * The building MUST be in storage for you to use it in the fuse.

    The only timed part is crafting the soldiers & the goals to get Porcini.
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    Made it! Started 2 days late because of holidays; and spent 5 gems.... But I made it. Didn't realise until 18 hours ago that the timed part was the one with the soldier... But it all worked out in the end First event I've managed to finish in months! (Due to personal issues).

    THANK YOU to Spirit Wind for keeping the first page up to date and every one else who forged ahead! I couldn't have done it without you!

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    I think it's super funny when I click the cottage, and Porpcini and a toady guard are standing RIGHT THERE by it, but out jumps a little guy ready to fight me. How'd he not get the message? He's right by them! It's like neither of them thought oh hey yeah we better tell them to knock it off in town. lol
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    i would slash every monster who pops up on my board, big or small lol ★

    overall, yes i love this event as it is laid-back and has relatively good spawn rates and drops (: ★

    thanks S8, as well as neighbors and forum posters for pointers (: ★

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    I just barely finished this storyline and got Porcini. I literally had 13 minutes left when I defeated the big mushroom; and that was after spending 80 gems and sneaking peeks at my phone at work to make sure I had adventures going and flour/bread/fish cooking. I lost some time by not having the stupid fountain crafted, not realizing that the sparkling mushrooms and caps were two different things or that caps only came from the adventures, not crafting a soldier early on, and then thinking that I only needed caps to finish the beams for the 5th upgrade and not noticing until later that I needed 15 for the 6th upgrade... I spent about 40 gems speeding things up during the week, but as time began ticking away today, I reluctantly spent an additional 40 gems to finish in time. I only have 6 gems left now. I have to read the first post more carefully next time ☹️

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    Boooohooo. I did not finish. Oh well, it happens. S8 I would have paid a reasonable gem amount to extend a few days to finish. Just a hint for future events ��. Some unforeseen events kept me from my kingdom a few times and I just couldn't get caught up. . It was still fun though...

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