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Thread: Castle Story: 8/10 update - Ivy's Magic Nursery - Skunkupea, Fangpup (main story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by msmorg View Post
    Only 4 hours left on the side goal and I can't get a fangbeast to show up now that I only need two more, I have used tons of energy on chickens, cows, farmhouses, peppers, pigs..... ��
    Insist on only cows.. use ur full energy-bar on collecting from them, so put out 40!
    tap all continuously.. one is bound to appear.
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    Finally got my last fangbeasts milk but .... found I didn't have enough bacon to craft it. And I am normally maxed on bacon

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    Fangpup spawn Fangbeasts and Skunkupea spawn Skunkupines
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