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Thread: Option to buy food with Coins

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    Option to buy food with Coins

    I would like to spend tons of coins if I could get apples for them. Suggestion: 8 hours harvesting above Diamonddates for more (let's say 1,500) apples and about, I don't know, 200,000 coins. Then I might probably be able to feed all my dragons beyond Level 5

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    I second this motion, especially considering the fact that higher level players earn coins at such a quick rate that there is nothing left to spend them on. Even when spending on Diamondates the farming rate is so slow that it takes several weeks to gather enough food to raise a dragon to Epic or level 15.

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    I also support this idea!

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    Me too! Especially since we can?t buy gold with coins. I have an absurd amount of coins and I wish I could buy more food with them

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    I agree. I'm in the trillions on coins at level 200. Since I accumulate coins so rapidly I don't collect more than twice daily because the amount of coins I have is absurd. It would be awesome if I could flip those coins into food. I'd be alright with 1000 food for a million coins even.

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