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Thread: Bronze Age Tournament (Metal, blue, 36 rounds) 8/8/17

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    With about 1 hour left and 12 rounds to go, I sped through the battles; used about 50 golds (my fault, was too tired/lazy to battle). Even though I knew Glasswing was ahead, I just plow through it. First lost was with my Passion (though he's still a BEAST on steroids) and I remember someone used Marshmallow and worked (thank you for that: EDIT: actually they used it for Neo Yellow, but hey, it still worked, so thanks~), so gave my puny level 6 Marshmallow a try and what do you know, POW, Glasswing is down~

    Proud of my dragons, they don't disappoint me. No matter what levels they are, they fight like Spartans.

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    My internet connection is good, always have been. No other apps "crash" like S8 games...
    Quote Originally Posted by Bastiaan0 View Post
    Unlike Glasswing (who finally went down against Fire(15) this morning after several tries) the rest of the tournament went very smoothly. Only one other dragon gave a bit of pain, but can't remember which one.
    Fire(15) failed, but Forest(15) needed only one bash to bring the tournament to an end. Bronze Age is in storage waiting for a free nest
    Good to hear from my inspiration to get my Fire, Air, Forest and Water to level 15. I can't thank you enough for the advice. Those four are rock stars now so good that I rarely use Infinity and Diamond anymore.
    Congrats on finishing the tournament Bastiaan. Visit us more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DR0G0N View Post
    Proud of my dragons, they don't disappoint me. No matter what levels they are, they fight like Spartans.
    I'm equally proud of mine too (: ★ tiny ones and are fiesty fighters

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    I was told in no uncertain terms that there is no fixing of battles. Anyway, after losing the last three tournaments because of being stuck on a dragon for days, losing the craft dragon, and doing poorly in bingo due to having upwards of 40 dragons in the spa, plus having my most reliable fighters unable to fight their way out of a paper bag, today when there is nothing going on, I won 5 battles in a row! Unbelievable. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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