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Thread: Anyone know where to locate the Garage Door?

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    Exclamation Anyone know where to locate the Garage Door?


    I have several neighbors that have a room with a garage door. I've been looking for this under wall decorations, miscellaneous, and outdoor decor, and I cannot locate it. I presume it's just something I have not leveled up high enough to purchase, but if someone can instruct me that would be great.
    • Where is the garage door located?

    • At what level will I be able to see it?

    • And how much will it be?


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    It is under under wall decorations.
    Available at Level 33. 11,350 Coins. "Garage Door".

    You may not be able to unlock it yet.
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    As with any of the 'wall' placed item, it requires an exterior wall for placement. Therefore, you must place it in a room facing the 'sidewalk' or the 'tree line'. The item cost 11,350 gold coins and required 16 hours of production time. The value it adds to your home is 17.2k.

    The level is something I am not sure of, I believe you'll see it some point between level 35 and 45.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck to you.

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