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Thread: Losing a gift when someone is full is cruel

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    Lossing gift gem when message comes up is unfair.

    We already only have 3 gems to gift.
    So I keep track (detailed record) of who I give them to & who has given to me and when.

    So when the message comes up that I've given too many gems - IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!

    The other part of the message is that the neighbor may have been given too many gems.
    If that IS true then the message show say that separately and then give me back the gem to give to someone else.

    Suggestion: There should be 2 different messages - not one.

    1) "You have exceeded you gift-giving limit."
    - - then the gifting gem option goes away like it already does after giving the 3 gems.

    2) "Your neighbor has exceeded their daily limit of gem gifts."
    - - Then allow me to keep my gem to give to someone else.

    Otherwise, it's extremely unfair to loose the gifting gem as well as very heart-breaking.
    My heart just sinks especially since I take the time to keep detailed records to try to prevent this message from coming up.

    Please, Please do something about this. Please take this under consideration.
    I've been spending a lot of time and money on this game, love it but just has this big flaw for me.


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    Losing a gift when someone is full is cruel

    I think it's really cruel that we lose 1 gift for the day when we try to gift a neighbor, but they have reached their gift limit. The fact that we only have 3 gifts to give per day is stressful enough, trying to figure out who to gift to, etc. Losing 1 of those precious gifts is seriously annoying. Why not let us gift a different person if one of our neighbors has reached their max? It would make the game a lot more fun, and lot less stressful (which is a word that shouldn't be associated with a video game).
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    I saw it to that this could happen, but don't worry the neighbor who send your gift to, did received the return gem.
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