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Thread: Castle Story 7/27 Meet the Brownies Community Event | 13 days | goals post 2

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    As of this post there are 9 days left to the end of the event. As of now I've managed to collect 114 bobbins. I need 386 more to be eligible for community prizes. So I need almost 50 per day. My law office is only level 4 which gives 6 bobbins every 2 hours. I would need to collect 8 times a day to get 500 bobbins by events end. When I only spawn 2 treeples a day and receive 5- 6 gavels per day at most there really isn't much incentive or hope to continue on with the event. If drop rates increase this will be another event for me that will be to little to late. These timed events with little hope of completing is the main reason I don 't use gems or buy event related packs. My gems are better used for items that are of use when I need something to finish something that has no time limit to complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robotparade View Post
    I think we just need to accept that this event is designed to force players to buy gems.
    As they all seem to be lately. And yet, the things people would willingly spend money on are withheld. Where is the unlimited energy offer this time?

    I just noticed that the mithril dragon and the gem rocks are on sale. I truly hope that is not S8's idea of a 'fix' for the issues with this event.

    In all the time I've played, I've never seen an event that includes items that are not available to all eligible levels. They have always cut off at the lowest level that has access to the requirements. ~~~There was one a while back that some higher levels had not yet unlocked, but never have materials been required that eligible players could not access yet. ~~~

    I would like to think that this is an oversight and not by design. But offering the mithril dragon for sale, rather than changing the requirements for lower levels doesn't seem to bode well.

    It makes me sad to see so much of the joy and fun gone from this little game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I don't know how the event is paced, whether it's focusing on law office levels or the day of the event. Either way, I've personally noticed my mines spawning more easily but instead of the steady 4 gavels each, they've declined and are now spawning 2, sometimes 3. Seems to average out about the same for me.
    I am glad to hear that your mines are spawning more easily. Just collected from my 2, and got no Treeples. Ivy used to give me 4 gavels sometimes, but now I am getting 2 or 3 gavels from Ivy's Treeples.
    I have already used gems to advance so it will not be an issue for me. However, those who do not use gems may find completing all these events impossible. It is a shame because I personally love the new buildings and creatures.

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    Which adventures are most likely to drop the specialty rocks that have higher drop stats n

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    Quote Originally Posted by tartarosfalling View Post
    Which adventures are most likely to drop the specialty rocks that have higher drop stats n
    Explore Dark Caves for the dark cave formation
    Envoy to the Plume Hive and Fur Burrow for the glimmer rock formation
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    Quote Originally Posted by tartarosfalling View Post
    Which adventures are most likely to drop the specialty rocks that have higher drop stats n
    you can find a summary of all the Adventures and their drops here:
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    After the last quest that S8 with giving the Dhalia we all know had mid quest worked out they got it wrong, but didn't change it enuf to get it right for so many people. Thou 30-45% seems to be there ok success rate.

    This time we have Katt says to do Judgement Grey numbers of drops in a much shorter time???

    No changing it to a slightly easier quest after the last one? Just by changing spawn rates?

    Will we get a llama this time to go with the alpaca? Please we won't always be placated by a 'gift' at the end.

    Cud we not change the quest now S8, while it matters while it counts, especially after the community is struggling still after the last quest? not give a sorry present later? please i don't want to loose more good players as they throw in the towel. This story & the ideas behind it are brilliant, such a waste. Even if you don't make quite as much money this week you will in the long run by getting back good will.

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    LAW OFFICE... LEVEL 9 is dropping 40 bobbins per collection.. this is a great help! Someone up there is looking down and giving a helping hand.. thank you
    if it's by any chance a glitch.. I love it!

    adding: this has happened the last 2 collections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geordieprogman View Post
    I don't have a chance of finishing this. The drops from ponds, rocks and mines are ridiculous. I've had one treeple from a mine today. I just chopped a rock and got 3 dire boars from the same rock. Mind you I did get 3 scrolls from it so that's more than usual. I have 12 ponds out and got 2 wigs. I've been playing as much as possible and haven't even reached 300 gavels yet! I have no idea what more I can do but this is beyond frustrating. Sorry for the vent. I'll go wait for my energy to build.
    Try the small rock piles instead of the rock outcroppings. They don't spawn boars and I usually get 2 scrolls from each rock pile. I've only gotten 2 treeples from my mines since the start of this challenge. I'm patiently waiting for the rate to increase. . .

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    Just collected from lawyers building level 8, only got 12 bobbins this time .... how cheeky are storm 8 really. Please feel free to rectify asap STORM 8

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