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Thread: Castle Story 7/27 Meet the Brownies Community Event | 13 days | goals post 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by brigadoon365 View Post
    I am guessing that wool is going to come into play. I have a sale pkg that includes two sheep as well as other quest items. So, I put my sheep out. Also, the alpaca drops wool. Interesting....
    That's what I'm sayin'
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    this reminds me soooo much of that episode of Aqua Teen HungerForce where there was a 'tree court' (revenge of the trees episode on youtube)

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    I collected my 2 mines and 2 sparkling mines- no treeple and also no monster on the board... Grrrrr. Again a rare drop. Tired . Tired ..tired

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    Same here, no treeple from the mines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieGirl9 View Post
    50 wood, 40 water and 20 fish. I'm all out of wood because I have been making troll clubs with all the dire boar tusks.
    Remember to buy dead trees as you don't have to waste energy growing them.

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    Naive young ruler seeks Treeple to provide gavels for a growing new law office. In return NYR will provide a safe new home for Treeple and various relatives.

    Ivy's hut 1/1
    Lvl 6 Sparkling mines 0/2
    Sawmills 0/2
    Taverns 0/2
    Farmhouse 0/1
    Cottage 0/1
    Jewelers 0/2
    Tower 0/1
    Spire 0/1
    Marketplace 0/1
    Theater 0/1
    Old Thomas 0/1
    Cathedral 0/1
    Faerie houses and bulbs 0/4

    Any clues for finding Treeple? 2 a day from Ivy will be slow going...
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    Someone forgot to load the treeple into the level 6 sparkling mines again. This really is getting tiresome ��

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    I was lucky enough to have both of my sparkling mines spawn treeples. Of course I used up all but 7 of my energy slaying them so lucky is a relative term here.

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    I got a treeple from one of my mines. I had already collected from Ivy this morning. But I think those are the only two locations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nessa005 View Post
    Remember to buy dead trees as you don't have to waste energy growing them.
    I have about 200 trees in storage from other events, some also give sap and living wood. So check for your storage first before you buy the dead trees is my advice...

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