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Thread: GOAL: Big Summer Blowout - 2017 Jul 25 (POLL ADDED)

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    GOAL: Big Summer Blowout - 2017 Jul 25 (POLL ADDED)

    So I forgot the name of the goals BUT again we have the same items from Bakery Story ugh! Great

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    Maybe we can get updates into the first or second post?

    If someone tells me how, I'll copy things here if ed doesn't want to update the thread.

    Edit: I can't. All I can manage is links. Sorry, not technologable. (I made the word up, but think you all know what it means.)

    I tried using photobucket but kept getting a pop-up saying I'd won an Amazon card.

    When I tried copying my screen shots, it said I had the wrong extension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayjco View Post
    Maybe we can get updates into the first or second post?

    If someone tells me how, I'll copy things here if ed doesn't want to update the thread.
    Reply with quote (like I did here), copy the info in the quote, edit your original post and paste the info there.

    To enlarge pics: click the attachment to preview, right click and copy img address, then edit your original post and add an image from a URL. Uncheck the 'refer locally' box; otherwise, it will show up as an attachment on your post.

    Thanks for keeping us updated
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    Goal: Big Summer Blowout- July 26, 2017

    Restaurant Goal July 26, 2017
    Big Summer Blowout- 15 days
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    Old BS item's..... Seriously, what happened to creativity? If I wanted to use or see these item's, I'll simply go back to my bakery :\
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    Our voices,views and opinions do not matter here,only our wallets. Not accepting new nbrs in BS/ of now,VERY limited play in these game's due to S8 removing content in older android Amazon version's.

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    So we don't get gems for completing recipes? There is no bar under the recipes like there usually is...

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    ... this oven is so unique! I never saw it before... Oh wait! I think I have!

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    This is getting boring swapping appliances from another game. They can't come up with new fresh ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkbfnfgw View Post
    ... This oven is so unique! I never saw it before... Oh wait! I think i have!

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    Lol! the title reminds me of that huge guy's opening line selling summer stuff in the movie "Frozen". Seems like they took the idea from the animation itself, what with the snowman in summer (cue Olaf). I have a friend who put a snowman as her host, which was really ironic and amusing. heh

    I don't see the problem of swapping appliances between RS and BS, tbh. (but of all the appliances to choose from, they chose one with a huge face on it) Wasn't that one of the suggestions for the game? Admittedly, that suggestion was brought up during the time when they had that layoff (and it wasn't just one post, but also backed up by comments from other players as well), but it just goes to show that S8 is taking feedback from customers, no? Maybe with the new management, they're slowly checking off the boxes? Because I did make a complaint on the goal steps before, and they actually did change the goal gameplay, for which I am thankful. (I'm still waiting for them to get rid of those 1 hr and/or 2 hrs recipes during goals, *fingers crossed*)

    Not only that, I also remember someone made a post on asking what kinda stuff we would want from BS in RS and vice versa (because I made some suggestions in that post as well), so maybe it kinda gives them that confirmation that we want BS' stuffs in RS? I'm just speculating from what I'd observed, so I could be wrong. *shrugs*

    Participating in goals just means new appliances for me to earn more gems, more recipes to put out and more decorative choices anyway. Especially since S8 haven't been releasing new appliances or re-releases of old/locked appliances as of late. The snow machines fits well with a lot of the summer themes we're having. An actual appliance that serves sno ice! Rather than just a decoration! YES?? Plus I feel that it's better than the current goal in BS, anyway. And the theme.. I just can't fathom the idea of having a beach in a bakery. It's just..too odd. But that's just my opinion.

    At the end of the day, it's just a game..
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