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  1. Time to complete the Smell the Roses quest does not match the time it actually takes

    The Quests dialog says the "Smell the Roses" quest takes 3 hours. When you start the quest in reality it takes 2 hours 30 minutes.
  2. Let's be specific here - the game unequivocally...

    Let's be specific here - the game unequivocally says what parents to breed, and those are precisely the parents I have been using (winter and magic) so the selection of parents is a non-issue. If we...
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    SOLVED: I have noticed quite a few of the rewards to not...

    I have noticed quite a few of the rewards to not work. The one for Board Kings never works, and the one for the home makeover game does not work either. Nothing is worse than sitting through ad and...
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    Poll: Need to have a confirmation dialog when spending gold

    There are tons of buttons all over the place that allow you to spend gold with zero confirmation. Gold is the most desirable resource in the game, and the most difficult to acquire, and when you...
  5. iOS device not able to get Ice Age Dragon

    I have been continuously breeding winter and magic dragons together for months and have not gotten an Ice Age Dragon. The Ice Age dragon is listed as a common dragon. I don't have access to the...
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