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  1. Sticky: Wont let me make woven clorhs, about ready to...

    Wont let me make woven clorhs, about ready to delete the game, its ALWAYS ssomething
  2. Cannot make woven cloth for Troll Tribe goal

    Will not let me make woven cloth in work shop, cant find it anywhere, about ready to delete game and move on, too much of a hassle to play anymore
  3. :-) thank you for the info :-)

    I have been looking everywhere for level 33, everyone it seems to me so much further than i am, :-)
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    looking for trolls

    Be kind i work nights, not sure if im in right area, problem....i need the troll ointments, it was my understanding trolls appear while collecting coins from buildings, well last two days the boar...
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    Sorry if im in wrong area, i work nights and im...

    Sorry if im in wrong area, i work nights and im tire but need to vent! I just beat round 27 before i left work, was excited, after i got home decided to play another round before i went to bed, round...
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    Answered gems taken

    I need help getting gems back, i had 25 gems totaled and while collecting from the chickens three gems were taken, i have low blood surgar and my hand shakes, but i choosed to overlook the error, i...
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    Thank you PepperWoo, i didnt see the whole...

    Thank you PepperWoo, i didnt see the whole picture, i started playing only to earn gold for Dragon story.and can only play when my patient is time is limited, thank you again for...
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    please explain

    Please explain the reasoning behind goal/reward to this, goal: buy 4 pillows at 8,300 each, 4 night tables at 18,000 each total cost 105,200, reward 72,000!!! I came across this in pet story also! ...
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    need better rewards

    am i the only one that notices the goals costs more to do than the rewards you get in return? for example: sprucing up, you pay 29 gems for a tank, or you can pay 5 gems to skip and collect reward...
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