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  1. Poll: Art museum

    Is the art museum worth the gems? Do you have to wait for it to build or is it ready to go right after purchase? How does it work? Do you make items for the spotted bunny collection using ones you...
  2. Poll: Never mind it's unlocked now! Thanks!

    So I won the lion dog and was so excited. It says I need a rescue pen to put it in. I went to market but its greyed out and says goal. So how do I get it unlocked? Really not fair I can win this...
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    Love this idea!

    This is a great idea!
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    Seperate storage shed for event items/file cabinet for licenses

    Since storage is at such a premium, give us the option to buy with gems an "event storage shed" to store the limited time items in. (like for example this challenges rain gear items, or the...
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    Specialty License for market items

    Charge us 10 gems to sign up for a speciality license in the market, where we can only sell a certain category, for example, crop items, crafting items, baking items, sushi items etc. Then the people...
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