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  1. What they are trying to tell you is that you may have sent 30 or more requests yesterday. After you received the 20 you still have another 10 leftover for the next day, so you may receive only 10 new requests. 10 leftover from previous day plus 10 new requests equal your daily 20.

    If you don't think that happened, go a day without sending out any requests. Then the next day send requests and see if you get 10 or 20 requests. Hope my explanation helps you.

    I don't know what they mean about declining pending gifts.
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    Hi Char, here is the email I received, thank you so much for taking the time to help

    Thank you for your email about the Gifting mechanics.

    The Gifting feature is similar in all of the TeamLava games. You can receive and accept a maximum of 20 gifts each day. Pending gifts count as a received gift and will count towards your daily maximum. Declining pending gifts will free up space to receive more gifts if you are still under the limit. If your neighbor attempts to send you a gift before you are able to decline pending gifts, they will receive an error message stating you have already received the maximum amount of gifts for the day. Your neighbors will have to attempt to send the gift again after you have declined pending gifts to free up space. Sending gifts to your neighbors are free and will not remove any items from your game. You can send a gift to all of your neighbors, as long as they have not reached the daily limit.
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    Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. I think I will have to delete some of the less active players, because I want my daily visiting neighbors to have buildings to tap on. Thank you for your help
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    Hi, I wanted to ask you a couple questions cause you seem to know so much about this game.
    What is your opinion on the amount of neighbors that is good to have. Is it better to have a lot of neighbors or fewer loyal neighbors that visit daily? I'm not sure if the energy limit has anything to do with that
    The other thing is on my news page it doesnt show everyone who visits, especially when I have a lot of "responded to your request" messages. I remember you saying something about this on your game hints, but i forgot. thanks!
    My name is Michele, by the way
  5. oh yeah!!
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    Kelvin Town.
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    Oh. What was wrong with your other city then? I can't visit it anymore.
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    Hi ur my neighbor in city story metro
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