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    as you can tell yes it was tales. i haven't bred the needed one. but i am glad it isn't anything that is red and white.
    i typically don't do any battles during tales becuase when i get to those tasks, i can't do it.
    sorry for the late reply=i never got the notification that i had a msg
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    Glad I was able to help

    As to the reason the thread was shut down, it was because it brought awareness to a loophole, known as an "exploit" in computer terms. These exploits are often known by only a handful of players, and even the developers may not be aware of its existence, as Elsa mentioned, hence talking about it would only increase its awareness and result in more players taking advantage of it.
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    Hi PM,

    I believe the poster may be confused about the issues he/she is highlighting. I'm aware of these exploitations, but I don't believe they give these players an advantage in the LB scorings.

    The reason is that I've followed them on their Walls, from when the GLB first started, and am familiar with the way they bump up their scores. It takes a lot of gold and a lot of effort to get their scores to their levels. If you're interested, here's a part of the procedure.

    1. Make sure you have 10x Farm Boosts won from bingo
    2. Buy a 2x LB Score Boost
    3. Activate a 10x Farm Boost
    4. Start planting Diamond Dates as fast as you can
    5. Speed-complete each farm by spending 1 gold each
    6. Collect from each farm
    7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until the Farm Boosts is down to 30 minutes

    You gain 140 points per 7 gold spent, so by spending $195 (during gold sales), you can gain roughly 150,000 points.

    But seriously, don't try this unless you have deep pockets
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    No worries and you are very welcome
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    Hi PM,
    The reason that they don't want this combo mentioned could either be because the breeding calculators out there don't have this combo listed as one that can produce the Snowbrute or that S8 may have tweaked the game at the last minute to remove this as a possible combo.

    The combo removal has occurred several times before. When an event first began, and we were required to breed two common-element dragons to produce one with a non-common element hybrid (like in this case, Royal and White), we were able to actually pair Royal and White to get the required dragon, however, 24-hours into the event, S8 shut that ability down. I believe they may just have done it again; it is to their advantage, after all.

    What you can do, in this case, is to make a post just to say that you have received news that this combo may no longer work and that anyone trying it may just be wasting their time.

    I wish that S8 would get their act together
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