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    Hey Flatfoot what's up? Why is it so hard to get more habitats upgrades out of you guys? All i want is to be able to keep playing. That isn't asking for much. Please make the old 4 dragon habitats have upgrade to hold 5 for gold. You guys make money and players who stuck through this game since the beginning can continue to play and place dragons
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    Do you guys need help? I will fix up and reorganize and add the typing for free. You guys have been doing better, I just wish you would listen to us very active long time players more about 5 capacity habitats and land. Please make older purchase habitats upgradable to 5 for 50 gold or so like you've done with the few others. It's a win for both storm8 and the players. You guys make money and the players who need it get 1 extra space per habitat. Also I would gladly add those types for you guys to the codex and reorganize them for free and it'd be perfect.
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    Now fey type has symbol in the codex . This is good since there are 19 of them . Type gets added to both codex and trading portal but not breeding types . Cosmic has its own type so doesn't need to be in the star . Also petal , grandma and now neo kitsune are in the star and are regular colors

    Spooky👻 has 19 dragons and no tab, also not in the star so only found at the bottom of all dragons

    Holiday🎁 has 21 dragons and no tab, also not in the star

    Valentine♥️ has 27

    Elemental🔥💧🌳🌪️ has 21

    Rainbow🌈 has 28

    Stone⛰️ has 18

    Champion⚜️ has 57

    Please put these types into their own symbol. It'll make it much more organized. I'm just trying to help. Also why if map , apple , bomb , TNT , and raw materials have their own why not gold ? All other types only have a few , so star is good for them . Oh and prime chomo is missing from the star , the dark ones assistant lol
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    I'm glad to see 5 dragon habitats but I really wish we could upgrade existing 4 dragon habitats like the few you guys did before. I bought all those awesome habitats you designed and I'm not going to just sell and replace my whole island with the multiple of the few 5s that are available. I already have 20 of 2 types and 4 of all others, including the ones that could be upgraded. I've also already sold all my single color 4 dragon habitats. Please make more upgradable to hold 5, not just new ones. There's are so many older ones that I love and don't want to sell but upgrade. Interstellar gateway, bygone battlefield, arcane circle, Lunar landing, wall of wonder, trail of terror, hex hill, the dark one prison, all the rainbow plus colors habitats. I have all of these plus more and really need the extra space. Please man I can't move and dragons just keep coming. Can't you guys do something nice and actually that good customers ask for?
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    Thanks for the new 5 dragon cosmic habitat. I love it. I got 4 of them but now I literally can't fit another habitat. I had to put stone and tropic dragons in the stable. I've bought 2 of every 4 dragon habitat that I could this entire game that's why Ive been asking for more that can be upgraded to hold a 5th dragon. I can't move at all. Can you please make some old space style habitats be able to upgrade like Interstellar gateway to grand Interstellar gateway and Lunar landing to grand Lunar landing to hold 5. I've always bought all these and now we really need to be able to have them hold more dragons. I just want to be able to continue to play but it's always way to tight. Thank you and I appreciate your work. I have so many favorite dragons since you have been making them
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    Yeah I love those, the gemstone ones that go together as well. I thought of the zodiac ones because we seem to be getting all the neo zodiacs. I don't have room on the normal zodiacs because I have all 12 on 3 habitats already. Awesome thanks for the heads up on the 5 dragon habitat. If you guys made more older ones be able to upgrade I'd buy them too. I almost have every dragon and displayed. It's close to doable but those 5s help a bit more. I'm enjoying the codex too although I think the types should be a bit more organized. The resource types should probably be in the star and all the monthly types should have their own Frye, heart, gift, ghost, also rainbow, champion, stone and cosmic has its own and should not be in the star. Also grandma and another regular color types are in the star. World type is in missing from the den. Any plans to put typing in arena? It's hard to cycle through 1050 dragons lol. Can interstellar gateway upgradable to 5? I really like. Did you make it?
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    Hey there. I love the dragons and habitats you've been designing. Can you please make gemstone, horoscope and cosmic where 4 go together to make 1 big habitat. The ones in ffs are great and actually look like 1 big habitat. I did buy the 4 seasons but they don't really look like the ones in ffs. I've noticed some neighbors don't even know those go together. Please make more habitats hold 5 dragons as well as upgrade the older 4 dragon habitats . Im still maxed out on space and every little bit helps. I've been playing this game since the beginning and I can almost display every dragon but I'm maxed out. We really need bigger capacity habitats than 4
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    Hi! Could you please tell me how the codex is organized? I know it?s done by type, but is there any other way? It?s not alphabetical and I can?t see any other rhyme or reason

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    Yes FlatFoot thank you for your help again in FFS and yes I am fighting again with extensions of land. Please do not lower the cost of 80 realm runes on 50 Realm Runes. thank you very much
  10. I think they return my gold back in regards to the issue.
    Thanks for your help
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