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    Seriously what's up with putting rainbow type into the codex when there was 1 more rainbow hybrid, then removing it even though there are many still in play and then making another new rainbow hybrid and not putting it back. Same exact thing was done with champion type. Can't you just put all the types back and leave them? Why does this game have to be such a weird unorganized mess with give and then take away features that should have been since the beginning. It makes no sense
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    You know how many habitats sales storm is probably loosing out on. Players don't trust you guys and are afraid to purchase these and can you blame them? None of you seem to care very much either. It's very sad. I'm sure you all are doing well but if you were better in these areas you'd be doing alot better
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    Also that's really shady about the trio puzzle habitats fitting together using way off grid placement and having to use 7 habitat spots instead of just the 3 it should have. You guys only needed to adjust 2 of the habitats to get them to fit together correctly into 3 spots like they were meant to. I cannot believe I was told they are correct. Very shady
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    Those separate types already exist and have permanent dragons available. Why hide them from player? You have resource dragons with 1 dragon and you hide the type tabs of others with 25, 40 and 80 dragons? Come on man. You guys do hold this game back in ways from its full potential. Other games are nowhere as good as this and yet are very organized type wise and land wise. Such a shame
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    Can you guys please put the rainbow type back? There are still plenty of rainbow permanent dragons always in the market. Champion types too. Why were they added then taken away?
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    Can you please make the diamond habitat upgradable to hold 5 dragons? I can't fit habitats as it is and already have 6 diamond habitats full
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    Just letting you know oracle pool 1st habitat in the latest treo is way off. Please fix. Don't you guys have a storm 8 island or 2 where these can be placed and looked at? I've bought all these quads and it's kinda messed up so many get released way off. The rest of the 4 dragon habitats made upgradable would be nice, as well as more mining land. Also this is the 2nd breedable stone type lately and I've asked before about the rest of the types being added as well as Ive seen others ask you. This game is great but all these issues should probably be addressed. This game would be so amazing if you guys just did these space things and organized ALL the types already. Thanks. Have a nice day
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    3 newer permanent breedable dragons
    Darkstone, Chaotic, Spellspine has 3 types not yet added. Stone, Elemental, Dino. Then there's Enamored with heart type. Also there are already breedable Royal and rainbow types and even champion has Valkarie, Nija, paladin and even valiant. Then there's always gold giving dragons. Make a Egyptian and mystic and the whole star tab can go. Please. I've seen others request this and its definitely a great idea. There are way to many dragons now. Shouldn't every dragon be crossed with its types whatever they are? Thank you. I do love this game and I've been playing since it's inception
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    You guys are doing great with all the new separate types but can you please add the rest and remove the unneeded star tab? Fey type is missing, royal, stone, rainbow, elemental, valentine, dino, champion, Egyptian, mystic, gold. So many of these have permanent market dragons and there are many many of some of these. For someone who has all the dragons its a mess to scroll through.
    Royal, stone, dino, rainbow, valentine, elemental, champion and gold have permanent market dragons so they should be good to go. I'd love to see the breeding den type list be updated as well to show new types like trading does without needing app updates and the battle arena desperately needs this type chooser. The number of dragons to scroll through is just crazy. Thanks. This app has some real potential to be the best!
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    Why do you guys keep adding more type symbols to the codex and then taking them back out? Why did you guys stop making the bigger habitats too? You know there isn't enough room right? All we want is to be able to play. Can you guys get on board please?
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