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    That's good to hear. And aww, I feel so honored being a special nbr. I was playing HDS for a while, just for the free gems. I like it, but not financially. So I deleted it. I knew you played that, wish I can add you somewhere else too. Not playing on bakery much? Fashion?
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    It's ok. It's no biggie. Oh thanks for the gold. I would give them back to you but I already have 3 gold buddies. Feel really guilty. but thx to u, I got my nest earlier.

    Well, I've been getting lots of science hmwk lately. Plus I have history and Business. Too much hmwk, but I'm having a break today. Just chilling and goofing around.

    Hbu? how's school?
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    Hey! Glad to hear from you again.
    So what's new?
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    Funny enough he is part of the dev team..leader of it for some games. So I find it REALLY interesting how he replies to things. Almost like he had no clue it was so bad. LOL! The gem was both a welcome gift and a..well duh, why wouldn't I give you one gift. Lol. I try to gift them at least once a week to all my special nbrs. I hate the limit, makes me look like I'm ungrateful. Ha.
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    He really is so nice. I feel like I'm speaking to an actual human being. Surprised they let someone so nice speak to us. LOL! As for HDS, I'm happy to have you there
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    I will. My parents are talking about it right now.

    Nothing much, just practising my voice, I'm auditioning for chorale (a music group). I get half a credit. Funny thing, don't have a good voice.
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    Lol... i named them both Gossip. xD

    I've never been to the actual New york city, just literally in the states.
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    Lol, that sounds like fun. The farthest I've been in the US was when I went to washington DC, when I was a baby. Now a days, its just Buffalo, New York for shopping.
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    So you live innn... Florida? So lucky. I was going to go there this summer but apparently it's too hot there at that time. Probably this winter break tho. I always wanted to go there.
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    Lol, I think I quited farm
    Oh, so I can only talk to u on Monster. Oh well... and a bit at bakery, but not at the moment.
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